Winners and Whatnot

At around 7:00 this morning, I tallied up the votes on the Reunion Ensemble Conundrum. Out of 86 people who had definite opinions (some commented in other threads, some sent direct e-mails), 43 people chose Outfit One, and 43 people chose Outfit Two.

Me: Jeff, this is unbelievable! 86 people have voted, and we have a tie! Wait a second. What if this happens in November?!

Jeff: I believe The People will be a bit more stirred about the presidential election. I have a funny feeling more than 86 votes will be tallied.

Me: Thank God you’re never wrong.

So, anyway, I’m still torn. And because I’m still torn, I went out and bought a red pair of these this morning just in case I go with the dress. (After all of the discounts and coupons, I got them for twenty bucks!) (By the way, I think it’s a bit ridiculous that you can look at shoes in High Definition at the DSW site. I almost feel like that option is way too high-tech for me. Shoes. Now in High Def! Well worth the load time wait!)

(Jeff has voted for the dress.)

Also, and most importantly, earlier this afternoon, I did this:

Because the lucky number is 19, Larissa has won the Build a Bear gift card. Thanks to all who left comments. I hope to give more things away in the future. Wait. Does anyone want the can of creamed corn from my cupboard? It’s a bit past the expiration date, and although it seemed like a great idea when I bought it, I can’t really seem to stir up the necessary motivation to really go for it. (My grandpa used to eat creamed corn sandwiches. Also, spaghetti sandwiches. And onion sandwiches. He would probably love to know that I sometimes eat apple sandwiches. Anyway. Can it be that it was all so simple then? Or has time rewritten every line?)

It’s now time to pack up your stuff and go home. Let’s get this weekend started. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

8 thoughts on “Winners and Whatnot”

  1. That website with the shoes is an abomination. It’s women’s version of online porn for guys: Moth to flame. *FOOOMP*

    Moths + Flames = *FOOOMP* for those unfamiliar with the *FOOOMP* concept.

  2. All I know is that if you don’t wear the dress to the reunion, you better wear it somewhere else so you don’t waste those freaking fabulous new shoes.

  3. Those shoes go with either outfit! Did you do your toes? Have a great time and don’t mix fish sticks with vodka, they’ll get soggy!

  4. First and most importantly, I eat spaghetti sanwhiches and it is the only way to eat spaghetti because it doesn’t send stray spaghetti strands to stick to your chin and make you look like you drool. Spaghetti pita – even better.

    If you need someone to change their vote on the outfit, I was torn. I voted for the casual skirt because of the comfort factor. When you said it was at an Elks hall (you said that, right?) I pictured the ones around here which are mostly places for old guys to congregate and smoke cigars and choke the color out of all wallpaper and curtains (though they are mostly 70’s style wood/laminate panelling). I’m not insulting Elks halls. They are a fine place for a reunion or a baptism party (my baby) or a St Patrick’s Day corn beef and cabbage dinner or a fund raising dance. But when I think of the Elks hall, I think comfort over style will fit in just fine. Before you said where it was, though, I had the dress chosen. Both were very nice choices.

    Maybe you should do like they do on award shows and change half way through.

  5. Can you explain in detail about the coupons and whatnot?
    I’m really not much of a shoe person, but I do need some new “goin’ out” shoes and those fit the bill perfectly! (Hopefully, they’ll fit my Flintstone feet, too.)

  6. OMG – I thought I coined the term “Flintstone Feet” but apparently not . . . .
    Love, love, love the new red shoes.

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