I think Nick is the cutest. And I’m more than twice his age.

Dear iTunes,

One night last week I was doing that whole I Can’t Sleep thing, so I jumped on the computer at something like 2:17 in the morning and started browsing through the recently released items in the iTunes store. You know how it goes. You listen to thirty seconds of one song, and then iTunes does the “Hey! You like THAT?! Then you’ll DEFINITELY like THIS!!!” thing, and the next thing you know you’re bobbing your head around to the tune of Kanye West’s Love Lockdown. (I particularly like the percussion bit between 1:00 and 1:16. Um, onward.)

Anyway, I was doing the hopping, skipping, and jumping around thing, and I slipped and fell into a very syrupy Jonas Brothers pit. And it was late and my mind was starting to fail me, and all of a sudden I had a big goofy smile on my face and I was purchasing Love Bug. And iTunes raised its eyebrow and asked, “Really? You REALLY want to put that song on your iPod?” And I said, “Confirm! Purchase! And let’s keep this between you and me, iTunes!”

Last night I looked at my husband and said, “Come into the kitchen if you want to see one of my most embarrassing purchases.” Obviously, he was expecting something a bit more scandalous than a ninety nine cent song. (I’m full of semi-disappointing surprises, iTunes.) Anyway, I looked everywhere for that stinkin’ Jonas Brothers song, and I couldn’t find it. It had been removed from iTunes, and it was no longer on the iPod.

My question to you, iTunes: Do you think my iPod is trying to tell me something? Do you think that Jon Nakamatsu and Joni Mitchell weren’t really digging how the Jonas Brothers landed between them? (I’m assuming Joni whispered something like, “Man, now I TOTALLY wish I had a river I could skate away on!”)

I didn’t want to revisit this Jonas Brothers thing, iTunes. However, if I purchase the new Ryan Adams next week (or the soundtrack to High School Musical 3! La la la laaaah!), I sure as heck don’t want the tracks to show up and then disappear with no explanation.

Oh, iTunes. Help me to help myself.

Tail between my legs,
Angela Pudding ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

15 thoughts on “I think Nick is the cutest. And I’m more than twice his age.”

  1. Sometimes songs disappear in my world, too. I don’t know where they go in my computer. Maybe the song ended up on your 13-year old neighbor girl’s computer, which itunes approved of.

  2. Oh my Angela! As much as my 11-yr old diva loves the Jonas Brothers, she can’t stand that song! LOL If you are anxiously awaiting HSM3 then you need to check out Camp Rock.

  3. “Man, now I TOTALLY wish I had a river I could skate away on!”

    Oh my god. Sides aching from laughing so hard! Great line, very very funny.

  4. I prefer Joe Jonas, although he needs a serious eyebrow waxing! And I love that song Burnin’ Up. There – now we’re both losers, out loud, together.

  5. Angela. Nick is diabetic. AND he wrote a song about it.

    I was skeptical about Jo. Bros. until I learned this.

  6. My iPod holds no Jonas Brothers. But it seems to have an affinity for Hilary Duff and Miley Cyrus. (squeezing my eyes closed at this confession)

    I particularly love it when a syrupy HD song comes on right after Kanye’s explicit lyrics version of “Gold Digger” during a shuffle…

  7. Ryan Adams seems to have no issues hanging with Christina Aguilera or Beyonce (I know, I know) on my IPod. Even Josh Ritter and Bruce have stuck around.

  8. After Luciano died, I purchased a bunch of his songs. I seem to remember that they didn’t show up at first on my iPod. I think after resyncing it for the umpteenth time I seem to remember that I had to unlock them somehow. Signing in maybe? I figured it out, so I’m sure you can too. Wait is having Opera on my iPod less or more embarassing?

  9. Pud, there’s no reason to put that tail between your legs! Even Rolling Stone has the new JB cd as one to have. Not just thirteen year olds, but we thirteen times two plus some more year olds, too.
    I have JB right next to Bird and the Bee, they don’t seem to mind…nor do I!

  10. What iPod?

    Angela – Bosy is stalking you. Please send her a photo (or other representation) so she can put you on her photo blogroll! That’s the only way she keeps up with her favorite peeps!

  11. I read this the other day thinking “I have no good guilty pleasures. Everything on my iPod is snooty hipster indie crap” when Dolly Parton’s “Here You Come Again” popped up, forcing me to shuffle until I hit something acceptable like Belle And Sebastian because, um, I was listening through my Last.FM player where everyone can see.

    Yes, I am weak.

  12. How could you NOT love the JoBros??? I have a 6 year old so I can listen to them without attracting stares, I mean when she is within earshot. And I get the added bonus of being able to say, well, Nick is diabetic just like my daughter. Yeah, that whole almost losing your baby to diabetes thing finally came in handy. I waiver between Joe and Nick, but I feel really bad for Kevin sometimes and he has that Elvis-y look going on when his hair is straight … oh my, I think I need to go register myself with the local police …

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