It looks like I’m rotting from the inside out, Lily Chin.

When I was in high school, my skin was highly imperfect.

Sadly, when you take a girl who is already a bit of a social disaster (me! I was the piano playing introvert who always kept the words Boy and Friend separate!) and you tap her with a Yucky Skin stick, you end up with someone who spends entirely too much time staring at her own feet as she walks down the hall. (This might explain my current fascination with shoes! I would look so CUTE falling down in these!)

Anyway, my mom knew that I was bummed out about my skin, so she took me to see a dermatologist. After shining bright lights on me for what seemed like hours, the doctor removed his glasses and said, “So, your skin’s imperfect. You’re not going to kill yourself, are you?!” I had no idea how to respond, so I simply apologized for setting up the appointment. (Quick news flash: The last I heard, this dermatologist was in prison! Catch a painted pony and so forth!)

Fast forward entirely too many years to January 2010. Last month I noticed that my skin was starting to look like crap again. Dry, oily, irritated, sensitive, scary, spicy, posh, etc. I visited my primary care physician last week (you know, because My Dermatologist is in PRISON) and am now washing my face with a benzoyl peroxide soap and using something called Metro Gel, which I believe brings me one step closer to my goal of Urban Cowboy status. I have no idea why I’m telling you this. I suppose I really just want to say: Stop looking at my chin. I have no idea what’s going on down there, but I’ve been assured that Metro Gel is on the case.

I’m pleased to report that I’ve just finished my final freelance chapter.

I’m terrified to report that I’ve just finished my final freelance chapter.

(I realize it’s only a matter of time until I accept my next job, so all is well. I’m very lucky to be able to live like this.)

The UPS man just delivered the Adult Makeup I ordered last week. Have I mentioned that I’ll be forty soon? I really should start adding more fiber to my diet or Sensitive Skin products to my makeup drawer or money to my kids’ college funds or something.

I’ve spent the entire weekend listening to Mumford and Sons. They’re exactly what I need right now.

Time is running out!
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27 thoughts on “It looks like I’m rotting from the inside out, Lily Chin.”

  1. I had “head down in shame” skin too in high school and I always thought that if I was being raised by a FEMALE it would be easier b/c she’d take me to a doctor about it as opposed to my Dad who was a MALE and therefore clueless that such things like clear skin were important.

    I now think – based on your dermatologist story – maybe I should consider myself lucky.

    Also – I gave my Acne Genes to my son! I’m such a good Mom!

  2. My second-to-last shrink had his license suspended, or whatever the equivalent is, for stalking a patient. On the day I was there for my final appointment because he kinda creeped me out (patient wasn’t me though). Spouse dropped me off & saw front story of local paper displayed in a box, called my cell: “Are you in your appointment yet?” “Um, yes.” “OK! Never mind!” Told me on the way home. Full story couldn’t have been more disturbing.

    So, you know… there’s that.

  3. Have you seen the infomercial for PROACTIV?? It’s such a wonderful product that my FIVE year old wants me to buy it for her! I think you can’t go wrong with Proactiv!!!

    I can’t even see your chin from here at all. I think you were exaggerating on the spicy and scary part – I believe you about the posh, though.

  4. Oof–adult skin stuff is the pits! Glad you’ve got a team of professionals (okay, one) on the case.

    I’m currently sporting THREE now-in-process-of-flaky-red-“healing” cystic pimples that, in their prime, had formed a triangle on my face (one between the brows cyclops-style, one on each side of my mouth), so I know the shame of which you write.


  5. i have a beautiful friend who had adult skin problems a few years ago. she had numerous skin disorders, not just acne. proactiv products restored her healthy skin in no time. (i have not tried this product myself though. and i don’t work for that company. is this too weird?)

  6. Quick note in case you decide to try Proactiv. Their default is to set you up for auto-ship. So when you start getting it every 30 days (after a 14-day trial), you have not won the Proactiv lottery. They’re charging your card. 3x more than the trial.

    Fun times.

  7. Every year, right around my birthday, I decide it’s time to start looking more like a grown-up lady and plan a trip to Sephora to buy real make-up that I’ve tried on and everything, but it never ends up happening.

    By which I mean to say, please tell us more about your adult cosmetics.

    And my chin’s out of control recently, but I’ve been blaming it on sleep-drooling. Sexy!!

  8. Fact about Proactiv: If your skin is at all dry and/or sensitive, it will inflame you until you can be seen at night for miles around. Also, what’s that jailed dermatologist’s name? I remember the news story about him.

  9. Oh! Another Bad Dermatologist Story (what is it about Dermatologists?): mine wanted me to take accutane, which I had read was not healthy for the reproductive system (you are not supposed to get pregnant for at least 6 months after you STOP taking it). So I asked him about it. You know, because you should be able to ask your doctor about side effects. Especially if you are GETTING MARRIED in a month and pregnancy could be an issue. You know what he says? “Haven’t you ever heard of birth control?” Like I’m dumb or something.

    So I was so happy to hear a few years later that he went to prison for embezzling. I could tell he was just NOT a good human being.

    Anyhoo, I don’t know if I’ve commented before, but I’ve been reading you for a couple of months. And now I find out that we have bad skin in common. You are endeared to me forever now.

  10. Early perimenopause (I’m 40) has me breaking out like I’m 15 in these deep, painful zits that leave these red marks. And my 8 yo daughter thinks it’s fun to point them out for me. And poke them.

    All I can say is thank god for Proactive. And for revenge, because she’ll get zits soon. Mean Momma!!

  11. I’m over 40 and I’m still bitter about the lies I was told as a teenager – something to the tune of “adolescent acne will go away in your 20s”. I was in my mid 30s when my mom looked at me and asked “what’s wrong with your face?” She can be so stunningly sensitive – so I asked her what was wrong with her leg. She had polio as a child and has always walked with a limp. My point – when we’re insecure about about our face, it’s tough to be super confident. I use a special soap for sensitive just for my face, then moisturizer with SPF 30 for my Irish skin, then before bed, a night cream. My skin looks pretty good.

    Too much information? My next comment will be brief. Promise.

  12. “THIS IS THE FASHION POLICE, step away from the clogs and come out with your credit cards up”

  13. I, too, am having major chin breakouts! Along with an enormous pustule on my lower cheek/jawline that people cannot help but stare at. I tell them that it’s my unborn twin surfacing.

  14. I started using straight jojoba oil on my face, with essential oils mixed in. I am 36, with both oily and dry skin (not a lot of acne though, thanks to accutane), so it seemed a little bit crazy to put more oil on my face. But long story short, oatmeal soap and the jojoba oil mix are balancing my complexion out. The 16-year-0ld still sees the dermatologist, though. He’s a bit angry that I passed the acne on to him.

  15. I currently go to a dermatologist whose last name is Grossweiner. He pretends that it’s supposed to be pronounced Gross-whiner, but I don’t think any one is buying that story :)

  16. This is too much information by anyone’s standards, but when I was 18 my boyfriend used benzoyl peroxide on his face for a similar reason and once he managed to BLEACH the fabric of my black trousers by merely rubbing his face on them.

  17. Hippie, it’s not weird–all the dry air/drying products cause the skin to produce MORE oil to balance things out, which causes more plugged pores/ bacteria/spots.

  18. Metrogel is wonderful stuff. I started using it a few years ago and never want to be without it again. And since it’s an anti-inflammatory, it’s great for sensitive skin.

    Also. I love Fluevogs! The perfect shoe for tripping the light fantastic! (Or if you’re me, for tripping over those pesky lines in the sidewalk!)

  19. I feel your pain…turning 40 soon, zits, wrinkles, dry, oily, pores you can swim in…where’s my paper bag? Let us know how the metro gel works!

  20. I’m with you on the skin. I’ve heard good things about Proactive (from actual friends…not, you know, from TV) if metro gel doesn’t work.

    Thanks for the Mumford and Sons link. Great stuff.

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