Our groundhogs saw their shadows. I’m sorry, St. Louis.

Our groundhogs saw their shadows. Sorry, St. Louis.

Meredith: Mommy, do you know what Hypohogia is?

Me: I’ve never heard of it!

Meredith: Hypohogia is a rare made up condition where a groundhog throws up and coughs so hard that its teeth fall out. I saw it on the news. With this condition, groundhogs sneeze so hard that they fall to the ground. Seriously.

Harper: I’m making this up, but I saw on the news that a groundhog with Hypohogia once sneezed so hard that his house shook!

Meredith: And once? A groundhog threw up and coughed at the same time and actually caught hypoDOGia, which made the groundhog act like a dog for the rest of its life.

Harper: For real?

Meredith: Yes.

Harper: For real for real?!

Meredith: No. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

4 thoughts on “Our groundhogs saw their shadows. I’m sorry, St. Louis.”

  1. Thing is, you can’t possibly have any sun in St. Louis now, so there can’t be shadows, right? Hence, winter must be over soon. I mean, as soon as all the dang snow melts.

    In our house, conversation has been centered around barfing dinosaurs.

  2. I love your children.

    I once knew a woman who called groundhogs “whistlepigs.” She claimed the reason so many whistlepigs met their ends on the nation’s highways was that they picked up people’s cigarette butts, ate them, got high and wandered into traffic. At least they died happy. I guess?

  3. Nicole, you just made me laugh out loud. We don’t have groundhogs here in Australia. We don’t have whistlepigs either, but we have echidnas, who often meet the same fate, but I hear they’re all non-smoking. Must be the grass they didn’t inhale?

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