I’ve wrapped up the balls. Figuratively. Also, literally.

266 Cake Balls!

This is what a batch of 266 cake balls looks like.
Four cakes.
266 tablespoon scooped balls.
Five pounds of candy melts.
Sparkles and pearls.
The bride was pleased.
Enjoy your weekend. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

18 thoughts on “I’ve wrapped up the balls. Figuratively. Also, literally.”

  1. They are beautiful! I’m trying characterization with my cake balls this week. Turning them into Old Moose for my Dad’s birthday. Heaven help me!

  2. Those are the most beautiful blue balls that I’ve ever seen! Seriously! Do I smell a side catering job??? Nice work!

  3. I feel that mentioning anything about blue balls would seem trite. I will just say that they look lovely. Good job!

  4. (evilsciencechick stole my comment! Teehee!) So I’ll just say: Nice balls!
    (can I say this here?) I’d like to lick your balls! (I’m blushing that I even typed that)

  5. Those look amazing! I’ve always wanted to make some, but then I know I’d have to eat them ALL!

  6. Balls – anytime anyone says that I think of the SNL skit with Alec Baldwin – I’ll leave it at that.

    Beautiful cake masterpieces!

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