Wait. Was there an earthquake today? Fiddle dee dee! Puppies!

So, it looks like Jeff’s workplace is putting out a pet calendar, and the person who scores the cover image gets something like a million dollars or a free pancake dinner or something in between. I’ve decided that we don’t necessarily need the cover, but we do need a spot within.

Will you help me decide which photo to submit? It looks like each person is allowed only one entry. Oh my word, I’m living in a pressure cooker over here! Life can be so tricky sometimes, no?

Photo #1: Scout in the Pool (This would make a great July shot, don’t you think?!)
Dog Days, etc.

Photo #2: Scout’s Big Puppy Feet (Why do we still have the pink carpet?! WHY?!?!?!)
Puppy feet!

Photo #3: Father’s Day! (This is good, because we’re also advertising one of the company’s books!)
Happy Father's Day.

Photo #4: Scout in Motion!
Scout in Motion

Photo #5: Scout’s First Day as a Pudding!

Photo #6: I can’t leave Henry out of the mix, but this is my only decent shot of him, and he’s showing his boy part…

Photo #7: Luna with Laptop on her back. (Rest in peace, Luna.)
Now I get it.

Photo #8: Sidney and Ramona Quimby
Sid & Ramona

Honestly, I’m leaning toward #4 or #5, but I would love to get your input. Because, really. What else do you have going on over there? (I know! Have I thanked you lately for putting up with me?!) ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

73 thoughts on “Wait. Was there an earthquake today? Fiddle dee dee! Puppies!”

  1. Either two or four. I’m really no good at this – I cheated on the PD cutest dog contest and entered Oscar under two different names and email addresses because I couldn’t decide between short hair dog and long hair dog.

  2. 2, 5, 1 in that order.
    OR – go take a bunch of Henry and Scout together.
    The one of your hubby is nice, but not pet-centric enough.

  3. 2! Those puppy feet will stomp on any competition. (the others are adorable but those feet – she looks like a muppet! a muppet who makes me melt a little.)

  4. #1 is the most creative and beautiful picture. All of them are fine and the pets are all adorable, but the first picture is different and will be different from anything anyone else is submitting.

    Seriously, why would you ask us this? You know you’re going to choose whichever one you like no matter what we say. Then all the rest of us who chose the one you didn’t will be disappointed. Do you want to ruin my summer? Huh? You don’t care?

    Well, then, my vote is for #1 but pick whichever one you like best.

  5. I vote for number 1. As someone else said, it’s much different than the ‘typical’ pet photo. It also has an artistic quality to it. My second pick would be number 4.

  6. Number 1 will win, definitely. It’s really awesome and different. 4 and 5 are great, but I’m afraid others will submit similar ones, and I want you to WINNN!

    I’d like a free calendar, please. And that Brita Water Bottle and To-Go Container.

    I see all of Jeff’s toes!

    Loveya. Glad your surgery went well. :)

  7. While #2 is adorable, I think it will be a relatively common calendar-submission pose. I am torn between #4 and #5, but #4 wins my vote. I could look at that photo all year, let alone a single month!

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