Running, Working, Spinning, Fighting!

This morning I got up and ran at 5:30. Seriously. I did. I’m not even lying to you. AND, I’m the first to admit that This Is Not Me.

Let me tell you the reasons why I loved running at 5:30.

1. I had the track to myself for the first twenty minutes. SO, I was able to try new running styles without feeling all weird, and I was able to sing along with my running playlist. As much as I hate running, it felt sort of awesome to be traveling in circles while singing Heretic Pride.

2. I got a really great parking spot at the gym. Last week when I went on a Friday at 6:00 in the morning? I had to park thirty miles away from the front door. This morning at 5:30? I stepped out of my car and into the gym.

3. For a few moments, I was the youngest person working out. I’m very rarely the youngest person anywhere.

4. I was back home before the kids got up.

After Jeff left for work and the kids left for school, I grabbed my laptop to get some freelance work done at a coffee dump. I got my coffee (which I view as Rent when I’m about to hog a two seater table), opened up my computer, and found that the battery was dead. I had charged it all afternoon yesterday, so this whole dead thing stirred me up a bit. (Especially since I had just spent $4.11 on a 16 oz. coffee that I did not need.) I packed everything back up, went to the store for edamame, a salad, and some macaroni and cheese, came back home, and discovered that the outlet strip I had used yesterday was in need of resetting. As I bore you with these details, the laptop is charging and I’ll be heading out again in a few hours.

Meanwhile, since my original plan was wrenched, I decided to spin the remainder of my first bobbin of Amaranth. I’ve never spun anything with silk content before (honestly, I haven’t spun much of anything because I was operating under the false assumption that my wheel was broken. Whee! I know nothing! But I’m learning!), and I’m loving it. So shiny! My plan is to spin the remaining two ounces before the weekend, and then ply them together. AND, depending on the result, I’m envisioning a shiny pink cowl. Or fingerless mitts. Or a thick and thin beret? (I realize my single ply is highly uneven. I’m working really hard at drafting the amount required to produce thicker yarns. This bobbin reflects my very happy experiment.)

Two ounces of Aramanth!

Tonight I’m hooking up with some friends from high school for Mexican food and fist fighting.

Back to your Tuesday, then. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

11 thoughts on “Running, Working, Spinning, Fighting!”

  1. fist fighting then, well, don’t bruise your knuckles!

    FYI–did you know that every Tuesday is Chocolate Tuesday? I think I invented it long ago and I have maintained the tradition…it’s a good tradition!

    Pretty colour yarn! So shiny…

  2. I want good Mexican food. have not found that yet. Also, there’s a old textile mill just north of us. I can’t remember the name, but I got all nerdy and excited about visiting and touring it all. I thought of you because the picture on the brochure showed them spinning.

  3. Good running! I get up around 5:30 every morning to get my run in. I like having the gym to myself and getting my workout over with. Good on you!

  4. Okay, this running thing. I figure if you can do it, maybe I should give it a try. Can I download it on an MP3 player? I got one of those for Christmas and really haven’t used it much yet. Guess I need to have the kids show me how to use it. Great job keeping up with this. I know it isn’t easy. Love the look of the yarn you spun. Have a great week! :)

  5. I am so glad that there is someone else in this world who feels obligated to purchase coffee in order to hog space at a coffee shop. ::hearts::

  6. I too run early early in the morning. For many of the same reasons. But in nice weather (from Apr to Nov) I run in my neighbourhood, outside. Even quicker in and out! Just keep going’.

  7. Oh my–you are freaking awesome and now I live in fear that you will abandon me for the cooler early-rising running and spinning crowd.

  8. It’s 5:30 am here. I can’t imagine running right now. Unless it’s running down and punching whoever decided that having an all night party a few blocks away was a great plan.

    But seriously – good for you!

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