Nothing that a few more antibiotics can’t kill!

It seems that I’m spending my day
In a waiting room with Rachel Ray.
My gyno is late,
I’m hating this wait.
Rachel’s turkey? Bedecked on a tray!

The ride to the office was sweet.
Through a drive-thru for caffeine and heat!
Skinny caramel latte,
It’s good for my bottay!
I fear I shall soon wet my seat.

The woman who sits next to me
Has no clue that it burns when I pee!
I know why SHE’S here—
BABY belly! Not beer!
On OB day I’m a mystery! ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

8 thoughts on “Nothing that a few more antibiotics can’t kill!”

  1. a poem…so eloquent…and Rachael Ray makes everything look great…and so easy to do too…a caramel latte sounds good right about now, but then I’d probably have to make a pee-stop on the way home! :)

  2. Oh dear. Get well soon! I, too, spent part of my day in a waiting room with Rachel Ray. At one point she welcomed a guest and I was all, “Man, Justin Bateman is NOT aging well,” but it turns out it was Dr. Oz. Thank God.

  3. Whaaaa???? Is this a FP first? I do not remember you waxing poetic before. Maybe not this time, considering your complaint, but great idea to do the skinny latte thing before one of those visits where they want you to pee in a cup but you forgot and went just before you left home, so…emergency diuretic infusion FTW!

    (You do have a tag category here for useful medical tips to file for future reference, right?)

  4. This was priceless! I hope your bottay is feeling bettah very soon. And Kathy (above), I had to laugh because I didn’t even catch the “Justin” part until you mentioned it – I was too busy giggling that you confused him with Dr. Oz! Ha! Good times.

  5. I thought you were kidding when you said you just wrote a limerick!

    @Kathy – Jason Bateman is aging deliciously…thank God he doesn’t look like Dr. Oz!

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