You might not know this, but: A lot of things make me cry.

Example: I love singing in the car to this song. BUT, when I get to the 2:48 mark? I lose it. AND, when the cat sings, “I know you’re strong”? I nearly have to pull over. (Confession: I just dragged the arrow to figure out where the “I know you’re strong” line is, and as soon as I heard it, my eyes welled up. I haven’t even listened to the rest of the song! I’ve become squishy.)

Another One: The Caterpillar Song. It starts off silly, and it ends with me burying my head in my hands and running my car into a tree. I know. (“I can’t crawl but I can fly. Wanna come for a ride?” That part destroys me. I can’t sing “Climb on.” I can’t even think about “Climb on.”)

Last night I learned that lice makes me cry. Hard. Really hard. AND, the combination of lice (chemical-RESISTANT lice, by the way) coupled with fresh dog poop in the hall? I start off like this, and I end up like this. (I was going to make a reference to Glenn Close crying in the shower during The Big Chill, but she had her clothes off during that scene (it hits at 1:57 if you’re curious), and at no point last night did I cry naked.)

I *did* cry again this morning when I came across an unwrapped Milky Way as I was throwing away a bunch of stuff in the girls’ room. I plopped down on the mattress that still reeks of Anti-Lice Spray, and I sobbed and sobbed as chocolate, caramel, and nougat dripped down my chin.

It’s going to be a long and smelly weekend. (Tonight we’re all going to bed with mayonnaise in our hair and shower caps on our heads. And I’ve been trying so hard to go vegan. Why is my lip starting to quiver?!) ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

14 thoughts on “Lachrymosity”

  1. Ooh, can we play the songs that make us cry game? I pick “Top of the World” by the Dixie Chicks. When she sings, “I pretend to be sleeping/when you come in in the morning/to whisper goodbye/go to work in the rain/I don’t know why/don’t know why” GAH. I can’t deal. I’m tearing up just typing that. It’s a song that’s all about REGRET and sadness and wanting a connection but not knowing how to get it and *SIGH* it’s like the saddest sentiment ever.

    Also, good luck getting rid of the lice! I had it approximately 1 billion times when I was a kid (three times, but it felt like 1 billion), and it was wretched. I had long hair that went to my knees and my mom refused to cut it and it was torture sitting still while she picked and picked at my head for hours.

    With my own kids we’ve avoided an infestation so far (knocking furiously on every wooden surface near me), but every time they scratch their heads for whatever reason, I do a prompt inspection. I may be a little paranoid about lice. My head is itching right now, in fact. Gah!

  2. Good luck with the lice. My daughter had them 3 times and we had to get prescription stuff from the pediatrician to get rid of them.

  3. Lice made me cry last month–awful. If the mayo doesn’t do the trick, we had the best luck with Lice MD and hours upon hours of combing. for days on end. I’m so sorry.
    The liceMD is not chemical; I think all the lice are now resistant to the over the counter pesticides.
    hang in there.

  4. Oh I’ll share! Things that made me cry today:
    -The 3 episodes of An Adoption Story that I watched.
    -Anytime that diaper commercial came on – the one with all the babies and music.
    -Someone sent an email suggesting I should be thorough when testing the blood in my son’s urine and included a link to her daughter with bladder cancer’s CaringBridge site
    -my son’s urine test came out negative (meaning good negative)

    Also, the song ‘Someday, Some Morning, Sometime’ by Wilco always makes me cry.

    Down with lice!

  5. Today, this video made me cry. Like, a lot. And I can’t sing along with “Landslide” without getting weepy. “Well I’ve been afraid of changing / ’cause I built my life around you. / But time makes you bolder / children get older / and I’m getting older too.”

  6. Kodak commercials used to make me cry, but I haven’t seen them in a while. Lice made me cry 4 weeks ago. I wish you well. We were able to beat the lice suckers into submission with chemicals (Nix is our poison of choice) but at the end of the day, you have to pick. And it takes forever and ever and ever. I finally decided to get my prescription for reading glasses. Stupid nits are so tiny. Anyway, good luck.

  7. Shampoo-in temp hair color–the type that lasts for only a few shampoos–works better on lice than anything else.

  8. Lice are chemical resistant now! ACK!!!! One of the summer camps near me had to be shut down due to over 70% of the campers getting lice. It is everywhere!! Good luck with the mayo, please let us know if it works….just in case.

  9. I have absolutely no words of comfort for you on this, Angie. Been there. 30 years ago. Remember it vividly to this day. No hope for you to salvage this weekend.

    Empathetic hugs coming your way in abundance!!

  10. Seems like everything makes me cry. But lice can bring you to your knees. My daughter had a friend with older sisters and when they got the lice plague they kept reinfecting (reinfesting?) each other until finally the whole family slept with olive oil on their heads for 21 days straight. Here’s hoping you have this licked by Monday.

  11. Based on your previous poem, it sounds like it was a terrible week from top to bottom. Sometimes a good cry is the only thing that clears away the frustration, isn’t it? I’m so sorry about the lice. Four Puddings in the bed with mayo on their noggins is enough to make me cry for you. I hope you are lice free soon.

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