The girl is crafty like ice is cold!

As you know, I’m the head room parent for Harper’s class AND Meredith’s class.

I will never sign on for this sort of thing again.

It’s not that it’s stressful (it’s stressful), and it’s not that it’s expensive (it’s expensive), it’s just that I really have no concept of what fills time, and room parties essentially boil down to Time That Needs To Be Filled. With frivolity!

This morning I decided to clear my schedule and spend the day figuring out the craft portion of next week’s party. Food is easy. Game? I can deal with game. Craft? To me, crafting is Important. The Beastie Boys sang about it (not really), and Martha Stewart lives it (sort of). It’s a Thing.

Five hours have passed, and I’ve been to four stores.

I’m pleased to announce that the winner of The First and Third Grade Craft is: Waterless Snow Globe, also known as Winter in a Bottle!

Take a glittery pipe cleaner (they’re cheap!) and spiral it around until it starts looking like a tree. With your hot glue gun (!!!), glue the bottom of the pipe cleaner tree to the lid of a spice bottle (those aren’t so cheap).


Now, add about an inch or so of sugar to the spice jar.


Next up? Screw the upside down tree into the jar.


Turn the jar upside down and watch it snow onto your tree! Beautiful! IT’S BEGINNING TO LOOK A LOT LIKE WINTER! (It’s not a Christmas party. It’s a winter party. I’m fine with that, so let’s not get ruffled.)


Finally, tie a red bow around the bottom because you’re fancy.


The only thing I’m going to do differently for the party is add some glitter to the sugar. Because: Sugar + Glitter = Magic.

(Speaking of magic, the bird in the photos was made by Katatomic. She’s local, and she’s awesome.) ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

14 thoughts on “The girl is crafty like ice is cold!”

  1. I suggest you also glue the cap on the bottle because some sugar jonesing munchkin is going to be licking his finger and tasting that glittery sugar.

  2. aaaaand, thank you for creating our christmas present craft!! i have been (not really) thinking it was time to start crafting with my little guy, and this wins. thanks!

  3. Definitely the glitter.

    The little sugar-crack monsters occurred to me too, in which case I would use salt. For powdery snow, baking soda.

  4. Cute! I’m staying up too late (again) trying to figure out a fun and simple and cheap ornament to make with my 5 year old and a couple friends after school tomorrow. And then a craft for 19 middle school kids next week. AND all my OWN holiday crafting. The Beastie Boys are now playing in the background as I am having this evening’s Fluid Pudding Experience, and that seems to be getting the creative juices going!

  5. Adorable.

    I’m lucky. The other 24 mothers gave me $25 EACH for the year’s parties and teacher appreciation day.

    I’m taking the fourth grade on a Disney cruise for Valentine’s Day…

  6. Love the craft…wish I had known about this one when I was room parenting. The bird is too sweet…thanks for the link!

  7. This is cool! My son’s room mom has done away with all crafts, and the crafty part of me is all boo-hoo, boo-hoo about it. The part of me that had to throw away crappily painted crooked candle holders was all “okay, I get it.” But if she had crafts like this, I’d not want to throw them away. Love it. Good job!

  8. The snow globe thing is SO CUTE.

    However, I need to know about the GAME. I’m doing the game for my kid’s school Christmas party and I just don’t have a clue. So. Help!

  9. Oh! Pick me for game ideas! Well, it may depend on the ages of the kids…but I found games for my daughters’ kindergarten and third grade classes several years ago and they STILL play them. The oldest was in 3rd grade back then and she’s now in 8th. It’s easier to link to the blog post I wrote about them than it will be to type it all out, so you can read about them here:
    Good times, man.

  10. I should clarify that the Kg teacher and Third Grade teacher still use the games each year – my kids aren’t still playing them! Although, my youngest did get to use the chimney toss game when she was in kg.

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