Dog, Tea, Nail, Scarf, Dress. A kid’ll eat ivy, too.

Our water meter was replaced last week. I put in a request that the repairman call before arriving so I could put the dogs in their crates. I don’t believe Scout or Henry would ever bite anyone, but Scout has been known to pee on new people, and now that Henry weighs nearly 40 pounds, he’s sort of our resident Lennie Small. I’m sure the repairman was happy to see that the beasts had been caged, as Henry remained in this position during the entire appointment.

Caged Beast

I’ve been drinking lots of tea. Also, lots of coffee. No water. This needs to change. I’ll work on that tomorrow.


This afternoon we went to Justice to spend a few Christmas gift cards. The (very wise) girls don’t really get into the Justice clothing styles anymore, so when presented with a gift card, they tend to hang out near the jewelry, the nail polish, and the stuffed animals. Included in today’s purchase is a bottle of black crackle nail polish—something I had never heard of until today. A few moments ago, they let me try out the crackle to see what would happen.

Crackle, Monster Truckers!

(I screamed and cried while applying it. It’s always good to scare the children.)

Finally, I’ve started a scarf/shawl.

Metallic Damask

It will eventually be one of these, but quite a bit smaller. (I lack yardage.) The yarn is Handmaiden Sea Silk in pewter, and if I had to choose one yarn with which to knit for the rest of my life, this would be it. (Knitters, I’m curious what your choice would be. One yarn for the rest of your life. What is it?)

One last thing: I broke down and bought this dress. It had to be done. It matches the scarf, and right now it matches my nails. I didn’t have much of a choice. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

19 thoughts on “Dog, Tea, Nail, Scarf, Dress. A kid’ll eat ivy, too.”

  1. What pattern is that? I must know. You know….because my Ravelry queue isn’t nearly big enough. HAHAHA.

    Yarn for the rest of my life? Cascade 220. There are a ton of colors and I love the way that it knits up.

  2. The idea of picking just one makes me want to hyperventilate … but I sure do love Socks That Rock. Love working with it, love the socks it makes.

    But … just one?

  3. I’m with Jenn, what’s the pattern for that shawl? Cause I really don’t have enough things in my Ravelry queue either. If I’m knitting socks I love, love, love Lorna’s Laces.

  4. Ohhhh, seasilk has been on my yarn wishlist for a while, but I’ve been afraid of it. Afraid that I’d never want to buy anything else.

  5. They have a nail polish that makes it look like you had a seizure while putting it on? Cool, because that’s how my nails look any time I put polish on… all this time my ineptitude was fashionable. Love the dress… I bought new shoes and new scarf… and a new moleskine monthly planner… because I have a sickness and probably need an intervention.

  6. Right now my favorite is Mountain Colors Jeannette. My sweet husband and daughters bought me some for Christmas and I am not wanting the experience to end… If I couldn’t have that I would take alpaca almost any way!

  7. I can’t knit, well I did knit a scarf for my daughter before I realized that I couldn’t knit…haven’t really moved past cheap yarn. I LOVE THE DRESS! Love it! According to WW, tea no longer depletes water intake but adds to it…. Drink away and switch to decaf. HA! The dog is funny. My Doberman would be terrified of it.

  8. LOVE LOVE LOVE the dress – I swear – we would SO be besties!!! I love to knit but am in slump – My elementary students are starting a knitting club at school, so I hoping that they will inspire me! We will be doing shawl for the senior home. YAY us !

  9. That dress was a completely necessary purchase and will look fabulous on you. Just sayin’…

  10. onlyfondly one yarn?! impossible. maybe cascade 220 because I can use it for almost anything, but maybe something more alpaca-ish because alpacas make me happy.

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