16 thoughts on “Nine. It’s a Wonder!”

  1. Happy Birthday to Meredith!

    When Eli was 9, he referred to his age as being in his “late single digits”.

    I hope Meredith’s last year of single digits is chocked FULL OF WHATEVER MAKES HER HAPPY!!!

  2. It’s really not fair for the Pudding Family to have two beautiful and talented daughters, while some families have none. But you do.

    So here’s to Meridith, who sounds like she’s already a writer. Whatever else is in your future, Meridith, you will always have this wonderful year of being NINE and knowing it’s special. Happy Birthday!

  3. Woooow. When I was that age, I was pretty much a nine-year-old basket case. I get so happy to see young girls who can speak so well and think on their feet so fast. Destined for good things for sure. Happy Birthday, hope you get those cupcakes (maybe) that you hinted so well at!

  4. Love, love love…..

    The year of no crazy bowls for dinner? haha

    I think going into her last year before double digits you should give her that! or, you know, cupcakes!

  5. She is just so cute. And that skin! May she always have glowing 9-year-old skin. Happy birthday to Meredith!

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