If we had the chance to do it all again, tell me: Would we? Could we?!

You guys. Do you remember this?

First Day of School!

It was Meredith’s first day of preschool back in 2006! We had no idea that she was nearly blind in one eye and couldn’t see out of the other. She had no idea that she had no idea about so many things! (She quickly got some ideas.)

Oh! And this!

First Day of Pre-School

It was Harper’s first day of preschool back in 2008! When I took her to school that day, she had never been away from me for more than two hours at a time! (She was still nursing six months before preschool began!) Sending her to school that day was terrifying for both of us. (Everyone told me she would be fine. For the first time EVER and the last time SINCE, everyone was right. EVERYONE was RIGHT!)

Look at this.

It was nice knowing you, Sister.

This photo captures the longest hug the girls have ever shared. I believe Harper had no idea she would be returning home from preschool that day.

Once again, today was the first day of school.

First Day of Second and Fourth Grade!

Harper is in the second grade, and ALL SECOND GRADERS GET TO WORK ON LAPTOPS!!! (She’s very excited about that.) Also, her teacher has fish! And he has the fairy books that she loves! And he plays music while they clean up!!!

Meredith is in the fourth grade, and her teacher has a book that was JUST recommended to her on Goodreads! And she made a new friend today who transferred over from a different elementary school in the district! And her hippo pencil holder barely holds any pencils so now it looks like she has pencils coming out of her butt! (Clarification: I’m talking about the hippo’s butt. I’m way beyond talking about Meredith’s butt at Fluid Pudding.)

Enjoy your afternoon. I’ll be sitting over here in the corner eating graham crackers with chocolate icing and singing Barbra Streisand tunes. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

18 thoughts on “If we had the chance to do it all again, tell me: Would we? Could we?!”

  1. GOOOOOOD start, Pudding Kidlets. May the rest of the year be every bit as exciting and filled with exclamation point-worthy moments for both of you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Meredith is your mini-me. Seriously – I love it. Those pics slew me – the toddler cheeks. How I miss them.

  3. I have no idea how you sent Harper to school. I would just want to hold her and squish that face all day. She’s still adorable but look at that little face! Oh the face!

  4. Sheeeeeeeeesh those kids are cute. Hope they have a great year! Is MC wearing two different shoes? A rebel already!

  5. These pictures just made me smile and feel good after spending too much time today on news reports that had me down in the dumps (politics — ick!)

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful daughters with us. Again. That picture of Meredith hugging baby Harper on Harper’s first day of preschool will stick in my mind. I’m an old woman now, but I have a big sister and we still make each other feel the world is okay like that.

    Happy First Day of School to both of the girls. Seeing them all fresh and smiling and ready for the new year is like a breath of fresh air each year. Even the shoe thing Meredith has going on makes me giggle and wish I had the nerve!

  6. I love how MC is doing the mismatched shoe/sock thing. My kid is about to start HIGH SCHOOL SHUT UP and she still does that. So, you know, it must be EXTREMELY cool or hip or dope or whatever. Yo.

  7. Oh. My. Goodness. Why do they seem to grow so darn fast?! Did we do that too? I hope their first day was fantastic.

  8. Aww, those kids are adorable. Barbra Streisand tunes, you crack me up! My 21yr old does the mismatched sock- not a fashion statement-” she just doesn’t feel the need to take the time to match them” (she wears the short kind that no one can see when her shoes are on. We are packing our youngest off to college next week. sniff sniff ! I’ll be echoing Barbra myself… enjoy your beautiful girls.

  9. I am sending my older son to pre-k in a few weeks and I have she’d many, many tears about it. I met up with a colleague whose son is 23 and she assured me that it never gets any easier. Ad we cried some more.

    I hate that they get so big so fast.

  10. I’m so jealous that Meredith gets to wear two different shoes and socks! At the same time! Please tell her that I think she rocks for doing that (and for lots of other things, like her interest in reading and her super-awesome — I’m serious! — title to that post the other day). She’s really a neat kid, A. I don’t “know” Harper as well, but I will say that she’s super adorable! So is M, of course. And you! You’re righteous. I’m beyond jealous of your nose ring. Beyond.

  11. They are so small and then BOOM….they are so big. How does that happen? I think Harper looks like you and I still see shades of Jeff in Mere. Did you ever think about selling your knitting? Create your own line and call it Fluid Pudding, of course.

  12. Oh my gosh, look how big they are! That must mean I’ve not visited here in… let’s see, carry the 4… goodness, way too long. So cute!!

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