A million lights are dancing and there you are, a shooting star.

This is a compensated review from BlogHer and Max Factor! (They’re actually paying me to put on makeup. I’m not quite sure how to take that.)

When it comes to makeup, I tend to be a supporter of minimalism: Powder foundation, concealer for the caverns under my eyes, the briefest swipe of mascara, and sand-colored eyeshadow if I’m feeling exotic. I boldly eschew lip liner to allow unassuming sheer lipstick to dictate my meaning. (My lipstick almost always matches the exact color of my lips, which I suppose is sort of like wearing unscented deodorant that does not contain any sort of antiperspirant.)

This is me on a normal day:


I have been applying makeup in the same nondescript manner since I was sixteen years old. In fact, I have used the same mascara brand since I was sixteen. My only makeup aberration occurred during The Crazy Eyeliner on My Bottom Rim years. (Is it called a rim? You know the part of the eye I’m talking about, right? That phase seems so unsafe now, no?)

Anyway, a few weeks back I received a cosmetic care package from BlogHer and Max Factor. Inside the makeup bag were the following items:

I spent the next few days in a giddy state of experimentation. Both the 2000 Calorie Extreme Lash Plumper and the Lash Perfection Volume Couture mascaras were SO different than what I’m used to. Suddenly, my lashes were showing! (Actually, the 2000 Calorie Extreme Lash Plumper Mascara made my eyelashes thicker (or plumper, I suppose—I’ve never been a fan of the word Plump) than they’ve ever been before. And best of all? My eyes didn’t itch! (I have itchy eye issues, and as hard as that phrase is to say, it’s even harder to deal with when you’re trying not to smear mascara all over your face.))

I was unsure about the Vivid Impact Lip Color. When I opened the tube for the first time, the Pin-Up Pink snarled at me and said, “You’re in your very late thirties. You have aged out of my shade.” However, when I put it on and wore it to the bookstore? A woman actually complimented me. (Okay. She said, “I like your makeup.” She didn’t say, “I love your lips.” BUT, the lipstick was really the only stand-out item on my face!) In other words, this is good stuff. Wear it with aplomb.

The eyeliner and the Vivid Impact Eyeshadow duo were tricky for me, because I’m not accustomed to eyeliner, and I’m definitely not familiar with the technique required to pull off black and white eyeshadow. Bold color aside, the eyeshadow is possibly the smoothest I’ve ever used. It’s sort of like a powder pencil, but with a very intense amount of color.

The Lipfinity 3D was incredible. I put it on at 8:30 in the morning, and it was still going strong at 6:00 in the evening. As you know, that’s rare. Very rare. Like, Fabergé Egg at a Garage Sale rare.

This afternoon I tried on everything at once—the 2000 Calorie Extreme Lash Plumper, the Pin-Up Pink Vivid Impact Lipcolor, the Fresh Coffee eyeliner, and the Vivid Impact Eyeshadow Duo. All of a sudden, something very awesome happened.


I became an extra in the Broadway version of Xanadu! And you know I’m lying, but look at me! It’s not what you think when you think Fluid Pudding, is it?! Yet you cannot turn away! You are under my spell!

Hey! Do you want some of this makeup for yourself? (You do. I know you do.) Shoot a comment my way (with a working e-mail address) and tell me what sort of dreamy persona you could create with this makeup, or tell me if you’ve ever tried Max Factor, or tell me your Can’t Live Without cosmetic item! (Mine is the cavern concealer!) On June 16th, I’ll draw a random comment and send you $50 worth of Max Factor products! By the way, $50 worth of Max Factor products looks a little something like this:


Also, head over here for even more chances to win! (You have seventeen chances! Good luck to you!)

(Sadly, I must cut this review a bit short, because I’m feeling the urge to put on some sparkling glad rags and start a little trouble. I’ll bring the makeup with me. Who’s in?)

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Picture 2
6/16 Congratulations, Nicole! You’re our winner!!!

95 thoughts on “A million lights are dancing and there you are, a shooting star.”

  1. My ‘can’t live without’ cosmetic item (other than sleep, heh) is also,definitely mascara. I go back and forth between brands but I NEVER leave the house with out it. Its my security blanket. My warm, fuzzy, cosmeticy security blanket.

  2. All I got is this: I’m about to turn 30. I feel beautiful and vibrant and whatnot, but man, i am starting to develop some very real and disturbing caverns. I neeeed some MF to reduce the impact of these bad boys!

  3. I can’t live without my green concealer. It does wonders on my very ruddy complexion, without being heavy and super concealer-y.

  4. I love the Xanadu look. Maybe I could borrow your look the next time my husband and I are feeling adventurous and decide to play naughty space alien :)

  5. Hawt! The pink lips look especially smashing!

    I find I look remarkably more youthful and well-rested if I wear foundation. I save it for special occasions when I don’t want people to tell me how tired I look. I have a new baby, okay?! *crying softly*


  6. Oh. My. Goodness! I would do exactly what you did because I personally am fighting the fact that a grown woman isn’t reeaaallly supposed to wear sparkles. Plus if that lipstick is really called 80’s pink I am completely sold.
    Love (Is A Battlefield),

  7. I LOVE your Xanadu makeup – tres chic!
    I’ve definitely tried Max Factor makeup over the years, I’m always falling in and out of love with their 1000 calorie mascara.
    I think if I win I will have to create a Fairy Princess persona with this makeup, I think it screams out for it!

  8. I love that you have the courage to show yourself made up like this! There is NOTHING better than playing around with new makeup.

  9. I recently got attacked at a Sephora and came out looking not unlike your 2nd pic. Best of all it was downtown over my lunch break so everyone ever saw me. Oddly no one commented. I’m not sure what to make of this.

  10. I wander around looking at make up and have no idea what to get. But I do love trying to look like I know what I’m doing. That’s the persona I go for: Down With It. I’m still not sure what “it” even is.

  11. Makeup isn’t just for humans…

    When I was a teenager, instead of experimenting with makeup on myself, I would dress my german shepard up in my clothes and put makeup on her face. I spread bright eyeshadow above her eyes. I brushed blush across her cheeks. And I would even use some lipstick to spread on her whiskers to make them stand out. She was the most chic dog in town!!!

  12. Holy toledo, that’s some sparkly! I need some new mascara but I’m frightened of the lipstick and eyeshadow. I’m more of a “hooker red” lipstick kind of gal, anyway.

  13. I used to use Clinique City Base, but have found that Loreal makes an almost identical product for a much lower price. It’s the Loreal Feel Naturale Light Softening compact.

  14. I am definitely digging the sparkly shimmer eye. I don’t know if I have a must-have product or not. Because I am a make-up junkie. I feel that I can’t wear the same product two days in a row. I have multiple lipsticks that I use in a month, just to “change it up.” I think that means I have a problem. So therefore, I think I need more make-up. Don’t you? Sign me up please :).

  15. I WAS all about the rim eyeliner..BLACK…burned with a lighter/match to give it that extra stick on the inside lid. Could that be why I wear bi-focals now?
    As an EX Mary Kay consultant I have run out of free makeup..pick me for the goods.

  16. Wow – that’s fantastic! If I had sparkly makeup like that? I would finally launch my cabaret career with a new drag character, Adam LamberTina. I would go on American Idol, goaded by my abusive husband, then walk away from it all to become a Buddhist. Then, um, obviously become a cabaret singer.

    Can’t-live-without is definitely Lancome’s Dual Finish Powder Foundation. Because nobody wants to see even a hint of my actual face.

  17. Your “aged out of the shade” made me laugh. out loud! In my cubicle!

    I don’t need any more makeup ever in my life but I think you look very fetching.

  18. I am often asked if I am sick if I don’t have makeup on, especially on my eyes. I still go without makeup several days a week, because I can!!

    I am at a loss for words to describe your second photo…it’s so ….electrically alluring!

  19. I have to be honest. At first, I was slightly frightened by the second photo. That much beauty surrounded by bling and sparkle can be overwhelming. Since the first look, I’ve come to be drawn to it, in a completely platonic way, of course.

    Make-up is an unfortunate necessity for me. I have rosacea, and if I don’t cover it with something, people start at me like I have leprosy. Having a two year-old, however, often hinders me from taking much time with it. I also have used the same make-up since I was a teenager. Maybe it’s time for a change, huh? Look what it did for glamorous you?!

  20. I am not to risky with my makeup, but I would love to play up my green eyes.. I hear purple is good for green eyed gals like myself.

    Would love to win

  21. My absolute must have at-all-times is MAXalicious Lip Glaze Lip Gloss in the colors Table For Two and Just a Crush. I have several of each of these colors stashed everyway in my purse, laptop case,diaperbag,glovebox,locker, etc. I feel so naked without lipgloss, it instantly makes me feel better and more “complete” when I have it on, lol!

  22. I should probably start remembering to wear makeup when I leave the house. It would be great to win some!

    I love the Xanadu reference — too funny!

  23. You? Are hawt.

    (Also I am not eligible to win the prize, because I already got one THANK YOU MAX FACTOR! but I could not keep my sense of your hawtness to myself. That is all.)

  24. Wow, what a transformation. You look like you’re so ready to go have some fun — and not in your 30s! I’ve turned into an I carry lipgloss with me but that’s it kind of girl and that’s just sad. I need some new makeup!

  25. I remember the time before kids, when I wouldn’t walk to the mailbox without makeup! Now between housework and 2 toddlers, I’m lucky if I have time to put on anything! But when I do, I have to have concealer ! I have itchy eye issues to, so I rarely use anything there! It would be nice to not look like myself every once in a while!

  26. You probably don’t realize how glamorous you really do look — in a GOOD way! I know it doesn’t fit the persona you have so carefully crafted, but the “let’s make some trouble” look is really beautiful!

  27. my favorite is bare minerals and mineral veil-they both hide alot . And I never leave the house without my lipgloss

  28. Oh, I want the make up! Please? I could put on a lot of eye make up and then rub it around some, and apply the lip stuff sort of around the vicinity of my actual lips, and then I could stumble around in my front yard, with the baby, muttering things like, “OH PRESHUS, if only you would SLEEP, then your DADDY would come home at night!” And then the neighbors would have something new to gossip about.
    Think about it. You’d be bringing joy to a whole NEIGHBORHOOD.

  29. Even in my days of Wine, Loads o’ Money and No Kids, back when I purchased primarily Estee Lauder products, I still always used Max Factor’s 2000 Calorie: Original Recipe. I cannot wait to try this new version and will be buying some tomorrow since “mascara” is an actual line item on my shopping list.

    Also, I rarely enter giveaways, but this one is so much fun, I have done multiple comments.

  30. to be honest, i’ve always wanted to try the max factor dual color mascara! i’ve never been brave enough. but if i knew i could look like you…maybe now i will give it a shot!

  31. My ‘I cannot live without’ item is Cover Girl Marathon Mascara. In the green tube. Go to the lake and it lasts for three days. Okay, so that probably isn’t the healthiest thing ever, but it lasts for three days!!

  32. I think you look like one of those women that was in Robert Palmer’s band. You know the ones that fake-played the instruments! Too funny.

    You are beautiful with or without makeup. I mean that in a nice way…not a creepy stalker way. Just so we’re clear on that. :)

  33. OOH! I love that you and I have the same makeup routine before the “MAXOVER” the fact that you like this stuff is great – even if the new look is a bit, um, over the top – and makes me want to try it.

  34. I’m thinking that I haven’t even THOUGHT of Max Factor since I was in high school and they came out with some powder that I fell in love with….

    Still, that stuff looks good…and who doesn’t need to rock the 80s every now and again?

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