“Whatever you are, be a good one.”

This is a compensated review from BlogHer and Lincoln.

The only head-turning car I’ve ever owned was the ten-year-old Mercury Lynx I drove in high school. It was three shades of brown on the outside with an orange interior, a leaky sunroof, and a radio that could blast my Huey Lewis and the News cassette tape like it meant business. (I was a big fan of “Naturally.” High five, anyone? No? Well, okay then.)

When BlogHer asked if I would be interested in driving a Lincoln MKT for a week, I actually laughed. Because, come on. Angela Pudding in a Lincoln? Really? Yes. Please!

A few weeks later, the vehicle rep delivered this to me:


And, yes. From the outside, you might not see it as a head turner. (Although, I do love the station wagon look. I really do!) Oh, but wait. Let’s step inside, shall we?


Harper: I want to live in this car.

The MKT is ultra-luxurious. It seats six people VERY comfortably, and seven if your seventh is a shorty. And when I say it seats six “comfortably” please know that although every seat has a great amount of leg room, what I’m referring to is the fact that the seats have temperature controls, and each passenger can control their own temperature. (Along with the heat from the seat, Jeff liked his side of the car to run at 73 degrees. I was comfy at 70. La la laaah…we felt famous in the MKT.) By the way, did you notice the two extremely large sun roofs? Yeah. It’s called a Vista Roof, and we loved it.

When you turn the car on (without a key, I might add—you simply put the key fob in your pocket, and the car starts with the press of a button), you are immediately greeted by the eight-inch touch screen.


This touch screen, equipped with SIRIUS Travel Link, includes a voice activated Navigation System that provides local traffic reports, weather reports, sporting event scores, local gas prices, and local movie listings and show times. Using Lincoln SYNC (powered by Microsoft), you can make calls from the road without ever having to dig the phone out of your pocket—all you need is a Bluetooth-enabled phone, and SYNC does all the work for you. You can also plug your iPod into the USB port, and your music appears right in front of you on the touch screen. If an airbag deploys? SYNC will call 911 for you. This is 2010, and the MKT makes you feel like You Are There, and You are Cared For. (And I realize that sounds completely hokey, because we’re talking about a car here, but really. It’s true.)

I must admit, I didn’t make full use of SYNC or Travel Link. (I can’t drive and fiddle at the same time—especially if I’m driving someone else’s car.) BUT, I did fall in love with the SIRIUS Satellite Radio.


I had no idea SIRIUS was such an amazing thing. You’re telling me there’s a station out there that plays Bruce Springsteen 24/7? Now *I* want to live in this car.

Oh! Wait!


(I just wanted to show this photo to you because it reminds me of Picasso’s Blue Period. Plus, my thighs look thin, and that’s sort of rare. Wait! The Lincoln MKT will make your thighs look thin! (My claim. Not theirs.))

When Harper and I decided to go for a drive, I was a little nervous. (I’m used to driving much smaller vehicles.)


(I wonder if I always become this ghostly when I’m nervous. Perhaps it’s time for an iron supplement.) Okay. Get this. When you put the Lincoln MKT in reverse, this is what the touch screen shows:


It’s my driveway! The reverse view along with the blind spot alarms (and Bruce Springsteen), put me at ease. (The MKT I drove was equipped with BLIS—the Blind Spot Information System. When BLIS detects a car in your blind spot, an amber light appears in the sideview mirror. Similarly, when you’re backing up and a vehicle is approaching, the Cross Traffic Alert sounds an alarm to let you know that the path is not clear. I was dazzled with this.)

We drove the Lincoln MKT a LOT last week. And despite a minor issue which I believe can be attributed to bad gas (in the car, not the passengers), the ride was smooth and flawless. (The MKT earned an admirable 2.5 points on the Fluid Pudding Head Turning Scale (HTS), by the way. The coach at school called it a “beautiful car,” a pre-school mom fell in love with the vista roof, and some random guy at the grocery store watched me run my hand down the side of the driver door sensor to activate the keyless entry, and continued to watch as I sat down and got situated. I can’t really say if he was impressed with the car or with my shrinking thighs, so I’ll just give him a half point.)

Off on a tangent: On our final day with the MKT, we drove her to church. And as Jeff crossed the lot to pick the girls and I up from the front, I noticed that the MKT grill makes it look like an angel is leading you. (Or that you’ve accidentally run into an angel, and her wings are stuck to the front of your car like a big squishy bug.) Regardless. Flashy.


Admittedly, I don’t know much about cars. (You can go here for all of the official specs on the MKT.) What I *do* know is that the Lincoln MKT really impressed me as being the perfect family car—especially if your family spends a lot of time in the car. My vehicle rep told me that the model I drove was a $54,000 vehicle. This is a bit pricey for the Puddings, but I would definitely recommend the MKT to anyone who can afford it.

“Whatever you are, be a good one” is one of my favorite Abraham Lincoln quotes. And to show just how good the people at Lincoln are, they are allowing me to give away a $500 Visa gift card to one of my lucky commenters. Please leave a comment below telling me what you look for in a new car—good mileage, good safety rating, refrigerator in the back seat, twelve USB ports, anything!—and on March 5th I’ll use the random number generator to choose a winner.

AND, get this. There’s more. Please visit the BlogHer.com special offers page where you can see other reviews as well as enter to win the amazing “Lincoln Night Out on the Town” giveaway! (The “Lincoln Night Out on the Town” giveaway will include a chance to drive an MKT for an evening, a deluxe spa package for two, dinner for two at a local restaurant, and a night at a local hotel! The giveaway is valued at $1,500!)

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239 thoughts on ““Whatever you are, be a good one.””

  1. I like to “feel safe” in the car, I like feeling and knowing my family is secure. Comfy seats, ease of getting in & out of the car also. Prefer a car that’s not too low, I like being able to see up ahead.
    Thanks for this wonderful giveaway!

  2. Safety would be my number one concern since I now have a little one to worry about. But, I have to say I love the heated seats too, and yeah if the car can also make my thighs thin, I think I’m sold! hehe

  3. I love the luxurious look of the car. Is it a car? Or a SUV? Somewhere in between, I think! I bet it has a great suspension, one that won’t make my teeth rattle as I drive down the dirt roads. I can see me now – hair flying in the wind, dust kicking up behind me. All the cows would turn their cud chewing heads to watch me pass. Hey, a girl can dream, can’t she?

  4. What do I look for? A car that goes … anywhere, any time and is mine. Right now I don’t have a car. I have to share with my husband (and borrow my sister’s truck, which is 5 times larger than this grandma needs!).

  5. I need good safety rating, plenty of room for rear facing car seats which in turn allows plenty of leg room in the front, and space in the back for our mastiffs. Air conditioning and CD player a plus. I am easy to please as long as it is safe and spacious (but not a huge vehicle!).

  6. In these times? Gas mileage is the biggie. I would love for my next vehicle to be a hybrid.

    GPS is great, especially since I am forever lost.

    Karen :)

  7. I’d love to say that I want a really hot car, but safety is really more important. Fortunately with this Lincoln MKT, you don’t have to choose, as it is safe and it is really a gorgeous car.
    Thank you for the chance to win!

  8. Awesome car! Mostly, I look for something that runs reliably with minimal maintenance required. Next car I buy better have USB for my iPod, though!

  9. Safety and reliability. And not too big. Good gas mileage. Room for car seat. And good stereo! And less than $20K!

  10. -All-wheel drive (no 4×4 impostors, but the real thing)
    -sunroof, preferably 2 if I can get them
    -absolute reliability to 200K and beyond, because I’m keeping it until it’s 10 yrs old
    -fun factor – fun to drive! fun to look at! fun!

  11. When shopping for a new (to me) car (I always buy used to save crumbtastic depreciation dollars), I look for reliability and comfort. And leather seats. (I hate smelly upholstery.)

  12. What we look for? Something the bank will let us finance! Other than that, mileage is good. If I really had my choice, I’d go for muscle, but ya know. Looks like you had fun with this little test drive. (Picasso Blue Period? really?)

  13. I like my new car to be a bright color so I can find it in parking lots. And also, feel a little happier about getting on the road again. I really wish you could drive off the lot in something more sparkly.

    My husband has the back up camera and the Sirius in his work car and we greatly enjoy them. But the car you had has fancier climate control.

  14. Comfort. I am bigger than your average bear and it is really hard to find a vehicle that fits me comfortably.

  15. All I need in a car is the ability to get me from point A to point B without having to stop at the mechanics to fix anything and to look good enough to not be embarrassing.

  16. I like a car that doesn’t appear to be as dirty as it is–grey and black are the colors of our current cars. And, yes, I know that cars are washable–it’s just that I have some many other things to wash.

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