Look at all you’ll derive out of being alive!

Let’s clear a few things up. Yesterday I received an e-mail asking if this WordPress site really belongs to Angela Pudding. (You know my last name’s not really Pudding, right?) Anyway, yeah! It’s really me! And I don’t have any way of proving that to you other than showing you the spot on my left arm where a doctor cut a blue nevus out when I was sixteen. You might be eating breakfast. I won’t do that to you. (Just know that I had to scoop ice cream at my job a few hours after the extraction, and my left arm was the scooping arm and whoosh! Rivers of fluid! Blegh.)

I know the banner here is weird (it’s a template thing) and I’m not getting e-mail notification with comments, which is something I was totally looking forward to, and I’m stressing on whether I really should update to WordPress 2.6.2, and how many times have I actually cried about this whole thing in the past week? 3.5. Seriously. And I realize that’s really sort of wacky and there are better things to cry about, but well, welcome to my kitchen. (Note: I was able to figure out how to stick my ads back in there. Full disclosure: the ad revenue will now pay for my hosting. It’s like the circle of life!)

Oh! You also asked where the archives went. Believe it or not, the archives are in a box in Salt Lake City, which is really sort of fun because I’ve never been to Utah, but all of my little words from the past seven years are there right now—kicking it around like little words do, I suppose. I’ll most likely be hitting all of these “issues” in the next month. Right now, most of my free time is spent freelancing and knitting the last of the BlogHer socks. (Less than two socks to go! But then I have four more gift socks and a bunch of sock ornaments to make. Do you care? I’m pretending that you care.)

(And the thing about Google Reader not picking up my RSS? I, well, huh. Are Ess What? I’ll see what I can do, but the only promise I can make is that I’ll be drinking a big silly beer early tomorrow evening. Because I need a drinkable solution to my scaredy cat-edness for the gig at InterPLAY. At 5:00, I’ll be on a panel at COCA, if you want to come on out. (I’ll have a Sharpie, if you want me to sign your arm or draw a blue nevus on it or something.) Most importantly, I’m thrilled to be sharing the space with some really wonderful writers. Come on out. And don’t look at my teenage-angst forehead. I realize that breakouts aren’t really supposed to happen at 38, but fairy tales can come true, it can happen to you if you’re young at heart. Wait. Am I still in my parenthetical aside?! Why, yes. It appears that I am.)

Oh! Wait! I shall now expand my skills by attempting to display a poster for the InterPLAY event! (Shoot an e-mail my way if you want more details.)

Wait! Here’s something! Meredith’s teacher has asked for a parent volunteer in the classroom for 45 minutes once each week. And if my Yes! gets to her first, well, I’m in. I’ve also signed on for Field Trip Duty. I’m currently thinking the kids would really love a visit to a winery. Or perhaps the Dansko factory. Sushi and an afternoon of knitting? Ben Folds concert? Popcorn and an early afternoon viewing of the Twilight movie? ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

16 thoughts on “Look at all you’ll derive out of being alive!”

  1. Pshaw! I haven’t done squat, really.

    Though I will say this, the box where I’m currently keeping the vast and wonderful Fluid Pudding dot com archives is very pretty. It’s got a bow and sparkle ponies on the outside. The words are all safe and will come back soon!

    If you are still having difficulties with the feed, re-subscribe here: http://feeds.feedburner.com/FluidPudding

  2. If the kids would like to visit a winery – I have connections. Just know, they are connections at wineries here in Oregon. So, you know, pack a lunch.

  3. 1) I would be at COCA if I weren’t busy working for a gigantic corporation.

    2) Ok, true confession. Whenever I saw the fluid pudding truck, I would say in my head, “back that truck up.” EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

  4. you’re in my reader now. don’t know what happened. i’ll see you on friday with mah bebe. i could walk there, i’m so close…but i won’t ’cause it’ll be dark and i wouldn’t want to get hit at night while carrying my girl. and that almost happened to me last week.

  5. What do you mean your name isn’t really pudding, you’ve just completely shattered my illusions, I’ve been reading under false pretences, and I want my money back! By the way for a blogiversary yarn giveaway visit my blog! x

  6. I like you over here, buckethead. And, for the record, my bloglines subscription never worked with your feed. (Not that I know what that really means.)

  7. What,the standard St. Louis field trips (Grants Farm, Jewel Box, Creve Coeur park to talk about love sick waterfall suicide) are no longer good enough? If so, I blame video games.

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