Rattlesnake Bit the Baby

It was seven years ago today that I wore Capri pants to Starbucks and tried to impress a gaggle of high school boys by blasting The Weakerthans at them with my car stereo. And then I decided to sign up and document the experience at Fluid Pudding Dot Blogspot Dot Com, because I knew The World would give a crap.

Because today marks seven years of Fluid Pudding, I’ve decided to share the video that some of you have asked for in the past few months. (For which some of you have asked. For. With. Around the house. Beside the house. Between the house. I’ve really been haunted by prepositions lately.)

Also, because I’ll be wearing my Mommy Blogger bandanna tonight, let’s make this thing look as mommyblogesque as possible, shall we? Here’s a video of my kid! Cha cha cha!

Thanks for making the past seven years so interesting.
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27 thoughts on “Rattlesnake Bit the Baby”

  1. This is the video that made my son fall in love with Harper! I’ll be sure to show it to him tonight. Because of you we STILL sing this song in our house (we had never heard of it until you posted this video the first time around).

  2. Happy 7th blogging anniversary! I certainly hope you have 7 more as I love reading your blog. Sorry that I can’t comment on your video – evil monkey corp blocks most videos/photos for me. :-(

  3. While I love me some “Rattlesnake Bit the Baby”, I think your best and finest video is still the marshmallow experiment. :o) I’m also quite impressed by your musical abilities and bravery related thereto (insofar as twenty years later, I’m afraid to touch my saxophone, but you knock out “Looking Through the Eyes of Love” on the French horn like you’re waiting for the field commander to ask you to prom!)

  4. 7 more years! 7 more years! 7 more years!

    A little election-year humor there. Happy 7th, and thanks for making the world a little funnier!

  5. hope you don’t have a seven-year itch! don’t scratch it…it’ll spread.

    this video is fab, of course. however, my favorite is “night, night mommy” by none other than the fantastic m.c….could you repost that? sooo cute. so funny.

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