It’s the Autumnal Equinox Giveaway!

I don’t have anything against Miley Cyrus. Anything she does, naked or not naked, is none of my business. (Although the media is dying for me to know that Miley took a 20-year-old tank top sporting boy to church last weekend, I really couldn’t care less. However, for some unknown reason, I’m retaining that information.)

A few weeks back I received an e-mail from the kind folks at Build-A-Bear asking if they could send a Hannah Montana bear to the girls, along with a $25 gift card to be given away at Fluid Pudding. Knowing that my kids would either fight over or just not get into the Hannah Montana bear, I went ahead and took it (with the card) and set the plan to give it all away.

Less than 24 hours after signing on to take the bear, the biggest Hannah Montana fan I know fell and broke her arm at a friend’s house. And what sucks is that this girl loves gymnastics, but can no longer participate with a huge cast on her arm. And when kids get their feelings hurt along with their bones, my heart bleeds. Immediately, I knew who would get the bear. (Closed door! Open window! Not really. But sort of!)

Look at this bear:

Adorable. Fuzzy. Soft. Wearing a glittery shirt that says Ready to Rock. And although it lacks the ability to mend bones, it did bring a smile to the recipient’s face. And that’s never a bad thing.

All of this to say: If you’re interested in the $25 gift card to Build-a-Bear, I can hook you up. $25 would get you a naked Hannah Montana Bear (you can stage your own Vanity Fair photo shoot!), or just about any other Build-A-Bear friend. Best of all, Build-A-Bear sells donation animals. When you purchase a donation animal, a percentage of the proceeds is donated to charity. I hereby encourage you to use the card toward the purchase of a donation animal.

Anyway, leave a comment below and I’ll enter you in the drawing. On Friday at noon (CST), I’ll draw a name and notify the winner! ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

54 thoughts on “It’s the Autumnal Equinox Giveaway!”

  1. And did you know that the tank top guy had been a contestant on Nashville Star? And that when Miley’s dad, Billy Ray, hosted the show, he introduced them?

    It’s important to waste brain cells on stuff like this.

  2. Okay…the hippo masthead is freaking me out. A little.

    I guess I never realized how…brain looking it is behind a hippo’s ears. Must be a pain to wash behind those bad boys!

    I’m sorry. There was nothing Hannah Montana about this comment. I’ll do better next time.

  3. I have a WWF lion from B-a-B. This lion will definitely not be taking on the wrestling WWF since he wears a diva rock outfit complete with pink feather boa and headset mic. He needs a more masculine role model so sign me up for the gift card.

  4. Frankly, I’m unconvinced that the bear is truly ready to rock. Where is the surly look? The long angry hair? The lighter ready to be flicked at the first note of a power ballad?

    I don’t know, Angela. I just don’t know.

  5. That bear is wearing way too much mascara. If I send over some Clinique Eye Makeup Remover, can you see what you can do?

    (also, my niece would love to go to Build a Bear, and I’d secure favorite aunt (and prettiest!) by taking her there)

  6. I really don’t get the whole ‘Hannah Montana Bear thing,’ but my girls do. I happen to have my older daughter’s b-day party scheduled at Build a Bear in a couple of weeks and that GC would make things all the better.

  7. I dunno… the bear is a little too overdressed to be a teen singing sensation.

    That said, my boys would love me forever if I won them build-a-bears! (Yes, I am currently working on the rent-to-own love of my children.)

  8. I cannot believe there is a Hannah Montatna Build-A-Bear. Nothing necessarily against her, but . . . whaaa?

  9. you are too funny… but this would be a great christmas present for my nephew who has never been there

  10. Please enter me (actually my 2 year old daughter) into the drawing for the build-a-bear gift card. Her birthday is coming up soon and she would LOVE to make a bear.

    Thanks so much!

  11. Hannah Montana is, unfortunately, one of those shows that has somehow wrapped my *2 year old son* up in it, and a little bit of me alongside him. Eek!
    I keep trying to tell myself it’s just so I can get a glimpse of her hot daddy, but… eh, it’s not overly convincing!
    The B-a-B giftcard would, well, ROCK, simply because my little guy is a stuffed-animal-aholic, and the chance to make one himself? Oh, the PRECIOUSNESS that my stay-at-home self with a husband who lost his job a week ago… simply cannot afford. =(

  12. We are on our way to Build a Bear in two weeks! To Build a hundred dollar stuffed animal! Oh yes, it will be fun! (I won’t let my girl spend that much, but it scares me to think it’s very possible!)

    Hope you’re well, Angela!

  13. I want to nominate my husband to stand in line for hours; dressed up like Hannah Montana(half a sheet, too much makeup and lots of uncomfort) just for the chance to possibly get this wonderful gift card!!

  14. Mercifully, Meredith hasn’t succumbed to Hannah, or HSM, or any of that stuff (yet) … but who knows what will be next, when she DOES get into those sorts of things?! Sigh.

    She DOES, however, love her some Build-A-Bear, hence this post. Will is help my odds if I say, “PICK ME, PICK ME, PICK ME!!!”??? :o)

  15. I’m glad the bear went to a worthy recipient (although you’re girls are worth too, but definitely not worth the fight!). Since I only have one girl, we could definitely make use of the gift certificate. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  16. Love the “Annie Leibobear” comment above — stick-on nose and Annie Hall-esque shirt-tie-vest combo accessories!
    We’ve got a Step Out team (link in my name) for the American Diabetes Association St. Louis walk on October 18. We’re rewarding the kid on the team who raises the most money — wouldn’t a little bear love be a good reward? Enter us in!

  17. Woohoo, we have a birthday coming up so this would be perfect!

    (Please like we need more crap to lie around the house, but! The bonding time!)

  18. I’ve been planning on getting the Hannah Montana bear for my cousin for Christmas, but you know what would make that even easier and more awesome? Doing it with a gift card! Waheee!

  19. I’m hoping we could tiptoe blindly past the Hannah Montana swag, and into good old-fashioned bear building land. No offense, fuzzy wuzzy Hannah.

    Yay to folks giving you give-away goodies!

  20. My daughter and I had a “girl date” to build a bear with a gift certificate she got for her birthday. I would love to take her again so consider me commented.

    I also have to agree with “Sir” that the bear does not look ready to rock, not at all.

  21. oooh! “we” are big miley fans over at casa de zeghsy. she’d love that gift card, but she’d probably just buy her umpteen-hundred build-a-bears new clothes. either way, she’d love it and would brag about it. a lot.

  22. My baby will be 7 in 3 days, and she loves Hannah Montana. She would also love a GC to B-A-B for her birthday! Thanks for the opportunity.

  23. I would love to be entered into the BaB draw.

    And I agree with you on the retention of all things Miley Cyrus, even though I really do not give two whits about her. Why do I know so much?

  24. Oh…if only it were the Jonas Brothers Bear…Miley still might make my 9 year old son smile…
    (Oh, who am I kidding? I love Miley Cyrus. And? I’m 33 years old. Sign me up!!)

  25. Coolio. I’ve got a boy about to turn 5. He’d dig a chance to go build a stuffed animal. (I’ll encourage a donation animal, too, but those almost 5yos can be determined…)

  26. Enter me in the drawing! I don’t know about a Hannah Montana bear…I’m sure my husband would much prefer to help our son make a Mike D. bear. Then they could kick it root down.

  27. Please enter me, er, Maddy in the drawing for the BaB. She loves going there and watching the stuffing swirl around in the stuffing thingamabob. :)

  28. I love the hippo. It makes me giggle. I also love that you found the PERFECT person to give that bear to! I would love to go make a bear for my hubby.

  29. I totally want to get a build a bear with the same birthday as our little dude (who should be arriving in about 6 weeks). I’ve given them as gifts before for friends/family who’ve had a new addition and want my little guy to have one too!

  30. We just recently visited BABW for the first time. The prices of the animals weren’t so bad, but the accessories is where they rake in the dough. $10 for a tiny shirt, backpack and hat for a snake. No thanks, I like my snakes naked.

  31. I’d like to be entered into the drawing, and I’m voting for the first outfit for the reunion. It’s the most fun and I’m all for the red shoes. Please take lots of pictuers at your reunion for exciting posts next week!

  32. I know a sweet girl who would love this prize. Oh, and I know this isn’t the same post, but I vote for outfit #1 for your reunion. Have fun!

  33. New house new town new friends new schools…my kids could use a little new love. Or…hey, maybe I could bribe my recalcitrant 3-yr-old into getting potty trained with it. Either way, count me in

  34. I would love to take my granddaughter to that store and make a bear… for almost free. Of course I’ll bring her at some point whether I win or not. She loves stuffed animals more so than baby dolls. (I think they creep her out a bit) And the donation proceeds would go to the Shriners Hospital where my neighbor’s little boy goes all the time when he outgrows his prosthetic leg.

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