Proudly keep the colors flying skyward!

You know that Jeff is a fairly reserved guy, right?

You also know that the Mizzou Tigers played Nebraska in Nebraska yesterday, right?

Did you know that the Mizzou Tigers haven’t scored a victory in Nebraska in thirty years?

Yesterday evening, less than fifteen minutes before the start of the game, Jeff jumped up from the couch and ran outside. A few minutes later, I glanced up and found him doing this:
Flying the Flag

And because Jeff gazelled around the yard flying the Mizzou flag for nearly ten minutes, the Tigers took Nebraska down with a final score of 52-17. It just goes to show that sometimes you have to shake it up in order to come out on top, Cliché Wizard.

(The girls haven’t made eye contact with him in nearly eighteen hours.) ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

14 thoughts on “Proudly keep the colors flying skyward!”

  1. I don’t often make my husband read other people’s blog posts, but I did ask him to read this one. He gives it a hearty, “Awesome.”

  2. So it’s his fault!! We watched that game (in pain) last night from our living room in Omaha. Little did I know that Mr. Pudding was the cause of all our pain.

  3. I also have a MU-obsessed Jeff in the household. We watched the joyous event at a party on Saturday night, than watched it AGAIN after sending the babysitter home. (You know, in hi-def.) Now, it’s taking up space on our DVR next to last year’s MU-KU game.

  4. Uh, oh, CarrieP! Thems fightin’ words… I say sitting one mile from KU. :-)

    My kids already have picked up the fact that they aren’t supposed to like Misery, er, Missouri. Not from me, mind you. I have no such loyalties, but it was mighty fun watching us take the big prize in b-ball this year.

  5. That is all sorts of awesome.

    I will suggest my MU-Fan husband do the same down here in the LSUniverse. Really freak out our southern neighbors!

  6. during this game my 65 year old motherinlaw..buzzed on gin & tonic ran around the living room singing the mizzou fight song..she CAN cuz she was a member of Marching Mizzou (class of 62)

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