NaBloPoMo Day 3: I despise the phrase Super Fling Boogie, Fly Lady.

Our house is not clean. Seriously. (That’s why you haven’t been invited over for dinner or coffee.)

Our house is very small. We have more stuff than storage space for that stuff. And I know we need to either look inside ourselves for some motivation to release Stuff, or else we need one of those television crews to come over and humiliate us into The Disposing of The Stuff.

We have lived here six years, and we haven’t yet hung anything (except for a few photos here and there) on the walls. Our family room carpet is disgusting, and we haven’t yet been able to find the cash to rework it.

With all of that said, I’m supposed to be making a video of our bedroom sometime in the next seven days. I’ll leave it at that, because the ideas stirred up in your imagination are surely more dazzling (and Marvin Gaye-ish) than what is actually taking place.

I’m feeling surprisingly shamefaced.

I guess I just need you to tell me that your place is a dump, too. Or, better yet, motivate me to step away from the kids, the computer, the knitting, the muffins, the whatever, and Beautify. I dream of entering a fresh-smelling house with zero clutter, clean carpets, and kids who eat anything I put on their plate. Right now I’m 0 for 4. (My mother-in-law just returned my copy of Sink Reflections. That stinkin’ bright pink book has been screaming and following me around the house spiderwalk-style for the past 48 hours.) ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

52 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo Day 3: I despise the phrase Super Fling Boogie, Fly Lady.”

  1. You know I’m in the same boat, only maybe even worse (do you have a basement? I do not, and I can gripe about that in a hundred different ways). I’ve hired someone to help me. She makes me part with stuff, and in someways that makes me hate her. But she works cheap, and, after one session, there is a corner of my world that I’m actually proud of.

  2. I have learned much from this thread. My children are grown and gone, my husband and I live alone (no pets). A few years ago I discovered FlyLady, and my house is decent for the first time in my life. I have always thought, “Just think what my life would have been like if I had had FlyLady years ago, even when my kids were small, what a lovely, spacious life we would have all had!”

    But reading this thread (hi, Angela!) makes me realize the sobering truth: there is nothing that would have made my slovenly (yet enjoyable) ways different when I was young. If I had had this thread, however, I might have felt less guilty about “the way I was.”

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