I almost forgot to post something! Hey there!

(This is the perfect time for you to go somewhere else. May I suggest a trip over here?)

My mom came over, we went to Starbucks, and then we cleaned the girls’ room and decorated it for the holidays. Winter comforters, flannel sheets, snowman rugs, spotless floor… It looked really nice.

We picked Harper up from school and when she saw her room, she lost her mind in a really crappy way. The tantrum that was kicked off at the sight of a blue snowman rug lasted nearly two hours and included kicking, screaming, and (my personal favorite) spitting. Tiresome. Disappointing.

Meredith came home from school and ate soup. I found this to be completely delightful. (Especially after spending two hours with a Tasmanian devil.)

I put together a pesto pizza.

We headed to school for Harper’s parent/teacher conference. And because of her tantrums (I’ll spare you the details.), we are going to be teaming up with a developmental pediatrician and a social worker. This, aside from the soup thing, was The Greatest Thing to Come Out of This Day. (Wait. Coffee with my mom was good, too. Nonfat chai!)

We returned home where Harper played soccer in the kitchen and Meredith wrote the following:

“I pledge my honor to serve God and help people get their Kleenex if they don’t have any. 24 times to 24 sneezes to 24 Kleenex. And if you don’t mind, we will help you. We will serve your students to live by the friendly scouting wishes and to live. To live by the live.”

As you read this (if you read it immediately after I hit the Publish button), I’m either washing my face, jumping into pajamas, or sitting in bed reading until I drift.

May you all have 24 Kleenex for your next 24 sneezes. To live by the live. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

9 thoughts on “Whoops!”

  1. i wonder if our brownie troop would want to adopt that as our new girl scout promise…i’ll have to ask them next month.

    and i hope you get answers.

  2. Oh crap. I forgot to come back and comment on yesterday’s post. So much for my commitment to NoMoBlahPo comment continuity. Good thing I’m not a blogger.

    And wow, good luck with the two hour tantrum thing. Sounds like you’re in good hands and on-track to solve the problem. Here’s to having that happen soon so you can be on your merry way through to the trouble-free pre-teen stage…oh yeah, and adolescence!

    “The Joys of Parenting”…is that already a book title?

  3. Your wonderful Meredith mixed-up writing story reminds me of a friend whose son attended city schools in kindergarten. Throughout the month of December, he learned about Christmas, Hanakuh, Kwanzaa, Ramadan (my spelling stinks, feh)… So after the holiday concert, on the way home from the school, my friend asked her son what Christmas was, to which he responded, “It’s the day Jesus became an African-American.”

  4. The bedrooms sound so festive and lovely. Too bad it was ruined by Harper’s tantrums. Sounds like she doesn’t deal well with change. My girl was like that at her age.

  5. One day, if you are ever interested, I could tell you some stories about a girl who threw the most horrendous tantrums about the most mundane things, such as “What is that in your mouth?” or perhaps, “Put on your shoes so we can go home.” I will say, she has kept her flair for the dramatic, but is a functioning “near” adult now.

  6. Oh, and I wanted to also say that it sucks really bad when you think you have done something cool for your kid and then they either don’t get it, or don’t want it, or freak out. Sorry.

  7. Wow, I wish my friend’s daughter’s school would have suggested that for her – she could really use it. You are not alone.

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