It’s beginning to look a lot like a bucket hat giveaway!

One of my knitting goals for 2009 is to become comfortable with stranded knitting. To kick off that goal one week early, I sat down on Friday and started my version of this hat. Yesterday afternoon? I finished it. I am not yet done with Christmas shopping, nor have I sent out all of my Christmas cards. I have baked no cookies. I haven’t made out a grocery list. However, unto us this day in the city of St. Louis, a hat which is way too big was born.

Okay. People always say things to me like, “With that short hair of yours, I bet you look good in hats!” And, up until yesterday, I sort of (reluctantly) agreed. However, this “I Really Should Have Been Christmas Shopping Instead” hat definitely does not look good on me.


So, anyway. I want to give you the hat. It really is fairly lovely for a First Time at Colorwork attempt. It’s 30% silk and 70% Extrafine Merino Wool, which means it’s definitely a handwash only sort of thing. It would look especially nice on someone who has a large noggin or lots of hair adorning their normal-sized noggin.


Leave a Happy Holidays Christmas Hatty sort of comment (or something similar, or not so similar at all), and on Christmas Day I’ll pull out the old randomizer and: Free Fluid Pudding Knitted Silk/Wool Hat to Someone Out There! Because it’s Christmas! And happy holidays to you! ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

91 thoughts on “It’s beginning to look a lot like a bucket hat giveaway!”

  1. Can I just tell you that I STILL get compliments on the purse you sent me a few years ago? I pull it out every winter to use and during those few months I use it I have people ask me where I got it because they want one. When I tell them someone made it for me, they get all fluttery and jealous.

    I like that.

  2. Love the hat. I can never find ones that look good on me. I’m impressed that you can make something like that! Happy Holidays and please choose me!

  3. I love the hat, too! I have a large noggin and lots of hair, so I bet it’ll fit me great. Have a good holiday!

  4. That’s your first attempt? I am in awe of your skills.
    I also have a medium to large head, and masses of hair. :)
    Merry candy cane season!

  5. Love it, AND if I win, I’m right here in STL so we could meet to get it to me, OR, shipping would be super cheap if I freak you out. So happy holidays!

  6. I, too, am in awe of your skills – I can’t believe that is your fist attempt. I’m jealous because I’ve been trying stranded knitting off-and-on for years and still can’t produce anything nearly as lovely.

    Happy Holidays anyway.

  7. Nope. That hat really doesn’t do justice to the loveliness that is you. (See? You could totally take me bra-shopping with you. I’m an honest and forthright observer :-)

    Please do not consider this comment in your contest — if I get randomly generated, spin that wheel again, Sister, and give someone else a chance. Not that I don’t like the hat, mind you, but I am just not a hat person in any way shape or form. They *all* look terrible on me! (Believe it!) And afterwards? The hair! Oh dear goddess, the hair! So flat. So lifeless. So hat-headish!!!

    I just wanted to be sure to wish you and yours, the whole entire Pudding Family, a fine fun and festive holiday. May there be no tantrums, no migraines, and an abundance of good will among all!

    Hugs too :-)

  8. I would like to know what pattern this is so I can make one of my own. I have some Silky Malabrigo that would make a lovely version of this hat. :)

  9. My first attempt took an otherwise perfect hat size for grown ups and turned it into something only wearable by infants. Now I just need to find a rockstar mommy to gift a black baby hat with ” i <3 zombies” in white.

  10. I see monkeys leaping about in fall-colored trees. Is that what I am supposed to be seeing?

    And as far as the head size thing – well, you have seen my hair!

  11. I want a hat. A Happy Big Noggin type of hat, for which I have copious amount of flowing locks. Actually, I want to make a hat, but I am incapable and a knitting nitwit. Alliteration, however, I can DO. It won’t keep my head warm, though, no matter how I wear it.

  12. Happy holidays. Is that going to cause a big debate? There are so many people now (at least where I live) who get offended by someone saying happy holidays instead of Merry Christmas. Anyway, I’d love the hat.

  13. 1. Love the hat.
    2. Have big head
    3. And lots of hair.
    4. Live in cold climate.
    5. Want to wish you a Merry Christmas.

  14. I’m not sure I’ll look good in it, however I have a largish cranium so I might be able to rock it out pretty well. If not, Bean looks faaaaaabulous in hats. Even ones that are too big for her.

    Merry Christmas!

  15. Ooooo…I would love to win that hat! It is so pretty and you, my dear, are so talented.

    Give-aways are just fun. thanks!

  16. That looks so soft and warm! You should keep it and wear it around the house. If I won it though I would wear it proudly! I have a good head for hats.

  17. I have been blessed with a head of hair heretofore seen only on the likes of Dolly Parton, Loretta Lynn and a singing family act of Mormon orgins.

    I could really work that hat.

    And, I’m still a bit bitter about not getting the M&M’s…

  18. I’ve got a large head (filled with mush) and not that much hair. Such a pretty pretty hat would look delightful on my big giant noggin. I know it would.

    Your knitting continues to get more lovely with every project while MY knitting continues to be unfinished and sitting in bags in the closet.

  19. The hat is lovely. And I would like to nominate myself as a potential recepient of it, because I have a giant head and red hair, and would be able to wear the hat with style and panache.

  20. fif only I could knit I could make myself a hat…instead I’ll leave a comment and take yours..thank you so very much and my warm noggin does too…(too much?)

  21. Excellent hat! Excellent reason to put off everythinge else! Happy Holidays to the Puddings.

    Feel free to pick me, or one of these other fine people. It’s lovely of you to have a give-away.

    I have been having migraines due to putting everything holiday-related and necessary off (please do not follow that example) — oh and after 23 months I GOT MY BRACES OFF LAST WEDNESDAY!

    Sorry, did not mean to shout. Merry Christmas!

  22. I just got a new haircut, which would be perfectly shown off under that hat. And I have a GIANT head.

  23. Happy Holidays! I like your blog, I like your hat.
    :) Hope I get to wear it in the new year.

  24. I love the hat. I would hand wash it and give it a nice home. Oh, and my noggin is surprisingly large for a girl of my stature.

    Merry Christmas to you & yours.

  25. Noggin? check
    Hair? Check

    But if you pick me I will be honest and say I was thinking of finding a local-ish cancer charity and donating it. Because a hat that lovely deserves to be loved, not strewn about by my horde of baby elephants.

  26. i have big (read: frizzy, read: humidity) hair and a pie face (read: tiffany-amber thiessen, yet way not so cute), and so when i see your cute thin face and not-frizzy hair in that adorable hat…well, you rock.

  27. The hat is awesome and I have a big head with big hair.
    Have an awesome holiday and a great new year. Thank you for the abundant entertainment.

  28. Merry Hatmas! Hatty New Year! ;)

    I have an above-average amount of hair, and I love your hat. Plus, I’ve never owned anything hand-knitted. See? The Randomizer should pick me! :) (Really, I want socks ~ but a hat would work nicely for those 15 days a year it’s cold here.)

    Hat some Hatty Hatodays!


  29. Large Melon but thin hair … might need something to keep it warm :) Great first attempt! I am planning on teaching myself to knit this year. I crochet, but there are so many cool things you can do knitting!

  30. I love this hat – and will probably borrow this idea of combining a variegated colorway with a solid sometime soon’ish. Like when I’m not on nightfloat (ie staying in the hospital at night for two weeks).

    Have you blocked it? My one and only colorwork hat looked simply amazing after I blocked it (well, there was the gap where I had extra long strands where the space between the dpns were, but I overlooked them). Like so amazing I showed it to everyone, and was disappointed by their non’impressment.

    So, noggin? yup. And this one could use a nap.
    Hair? yup, extra long because I haven’t thought to make an appointment to get it cut in a long time. I like the piled on top of my head in a bun-like-ponytail combo. I think I wear it well.

    The need for a hat? yeah, I’ve got that too. I dug my car out of a thigh high snowbank in the hospital parking lot yesterday morning, cursing the fact that I wasn’t properly dressed – mittens yes, but no hat or scarf, and no wool socks! It was embarrassing, seeing as how I call myself a knitter.

  31. My husband won’t let me wear any of his ballcaps when I need one because he says my melon head will stretch them out and they won’t fit him anymore. I had to buy my own. And when he puts it on? It covers his eyes. Because HE has a PEANUT head. I do NOT have a melon head, do you hear me? I DO NOT.

    Happy Holidays!

    (Is that good enough?)

  32. OOh! OOH! Pick me! PICK! ME! WANT!

    Must have lovely Fluid Pudding Knitwear! Also, I have a freakishly large head and hats are always too small for it. But I do look cute it hats! So it’s a match made in heaven. (Or St. Louis, as the case may be…)

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