Shoes and Delhi’s Chaat and Drake Bell and Pork!

2008 Pudding Christmas

First off and most importantly? Merry Christmas from The Puddings.

Our day has been filled with stuffed animals that whimper, a Drake Bell concert DVD, both sets of grandparents, a little of this, a lot more of that, Danskos, a two hour nap (for everyone!), and Gokul. It really doesn’t get much better.

AND, this afternoon the Random Number Generator spit this out:
Random Integer Generator!

In other words, Alli is the winner of the hat! And I have contacted her, and she is thrilled, and HOORAY! I really should do knitted giveaways more often.

I hope your day was as peaceful as ours. (And that unlike me, you didn’t have terrible dreams about your husband dropping your kids off at a stranger’s home just so he could enjoy a $4.99 plate of BBQ pork with a questionable woman.)

Dry rubbed pork plate in excelsis deo!

And on Earth, peace, good will toward men. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

13 thoughts on “Shoes and Delhi’s Chaat and Drake Bell and Pork!”

  1. teehee! i JUST looked at the breakfast casserole thingie on flickr, like, yesterday! kismet, i swear.

    first off and most importantly? love harper’s grin as she admires m.c.’s face, love your lovely presence, and was (secretly) hoping to glimpse the toe-thumb (merry Christmas me!).

    hugs to the fluids, hoping no fluids go a’squirtin’. :)

  2. Merry day after Christmas! You all look so lovely. I’m sure it wasn’t easy wrangling the girls together on your lap there.

    And, congrats to Alli, although I seriously doubt her head is as pumpkin-like as mine. Wear the hat with Pudding pride, Alli.

  3. Belated Greetings for a Merry Christmas, Dear Puddings!

    And a very happy New Year to All!

    (pharmgirl got Cosmopolitan mix in her stocking)

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