FafPuhBuhPah! It’s catchy! (And it smells good.)

When I was a kid, our family ate lunch at my grandma’s house every single Sunday after church. Grandma would cook a full lunch for ten people, and all of her kids and the grandkids would gather around the table and stuff themselves before wandering out to the driveway where the older kids would shoot baskets and the younger kids would burn ants to a crisp using a magnifying glass and the sun. (I was in the ant burning group, but I tended to shift my focus toward leaves.)

When I was 23, my grandma stopped hosting the weekly lunches. Suddenly, I began to realize that people get old and lose energy and eventually die. (Honestly. I remember when the whole Mortality thing really hit me. It was a sad day back in 1993.) Anyway, for Christmas that year, I asked Grandma to write a cookbook that would hold recipes of the stuff she would often make for Sunday lunch.

This is the first page of the cookbook:
Hot Potatoes

(Please note that Hog Potatoes are listed as “Angie’s Favorite” and the last line of the recipe is “After you eat these, you will look and feel like a hog.” Interesting.)

Anyway, this has nothing to do with anything, but it seems oddly related to the First Annual Fluid Pudding BreadPuddingAlong (Also known as FAFPBPA, which is pronounced FafPuhBuhPah!) (Funny. The whole cookbook story is really not related to FAFPBPA at all. The book contains a recipe for peach cobbler, but no mention of bread pudding. Go drink something while I indulge in a little disorganized reminiscing, okay? Okay.)

Anyway, since Grandma’s recipe isn’t available, I went ahead and used the recipe from Moms Who Think.

The result?
Bread Pudding!

Very tasty for my first bread pudding!

A few participants have e-mailed links and photos, and I’m positively giddy about how we’re making the world a better place One Bread Pudding At a Time! (I’ll try to add everyone to the list as you submit your puddings! There is no cut-off date for the First Annual Fluid Pudding BreadPuddingAlong!)

Participants in the First Annual Fluid Pudding BreadPuddingAlong:


Star Monkeybrass


Canned Laughter

Queen Mediocretia of Suburbia

My Dad!

Poppy Mom made Curried Bread Pudding!


Carole’s Onion Pudding ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

13 thoughts on “FafPuhBuhPah! It’s catchy! (And it smells good.)”

  1. We used to go to my Grandma’s every Sunday too. For dinner. And we’d watch the Beachcombers (odd Canadian show) and The Wonderful world of Disney. And sometimes we’d go visit my Great Grandma at the nursing home. She was OLD.
    Anyway…I made some bread pudding too! Kind of using this recipe:
    Although I sort of changed it up and added bananas to the mix. And then I ate it warm with nutella. And it did make me feel better. Until I ate too much. And then I felt a little bit yucky. But it was worth it!!

  2. I had to pass on the whole bread pudding thing since ewww…gross. But I’ll be down when you decide to have a Dutch Baby Pancake-along!!

  3. I spaced out on my bread pudding! I missed it! I’m so sad! Yours looks so good.

    damn, that should be an exclamation point to keep with the excessive exclamatory nature of my comment.


    I like your grandma’s recipes, some common sense cooking. “Buy potatoes” in order to “make potatoes”… I knew I was forgetting a step. My grandma, aunts & mom all cook like this too.

  4. Oh good – I’m so relieved there’s no cutoff date. I have all my ingredients, just haven’t put it together yet.

  5. Aw, I am allergic to bread! I cannot participate in a breadpuddingalong! :( And I really don’t think glutenfree bread pudding would be good.

    But I reallllllllly like this idea! Keep up the good puddingalongs!

  6. Angela, have you checked out http://www.tastespotting.com? The site is addictive, and there is a particularly awesome bread pudding recipe that I want to try, mainly because it involves Grand Marnier and I figure I’ll truly be an adult if I purchase Grand Marnier at my local grocery store. :)

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