How was our Easter?

As you can see, it was partly sunny with a 75% chance of wicked storms.

Typical Pudding Weather: 25% Sunny, 75% Sullen

At least the girls had an absolutely delightful morning.

The Yin and the Yang

Such a beautiful day. I simply couldn’t stop smiling!

Easter During The Great Depression

(Although it was something like twelve degrees below zero this afternoon, Jeff wanted to take a family photo after church. Meredith was freezing, Harper was ready for a nap, and the only thing keeping me from killing our neighbor was that whole Love Thy Neighbor thing sprinkled with a bit of Thou Shalt Not Kill. After taking this photo, Jeff mentioned that the three of us were channeling those heart-ripping photos of mothers and their kids during The Great Depression.)

Happy Easter, y’all. Time for bed. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

16 thoughts on “How was our Easter?”

  1. Wow…Adorable!

    Pic 1:
    We actually get to see Mr. Pudding!
    I love how everyone is cuddled into you, Harper with her hand on your neck, Meredith shivering into your skirt, and is your husband goosing you!?!

    Pic 2:
    Meredith looks like she is preparing for teenager-hood with that look.

    Harper looks like she is plotting something devious.

    Pic 3:
    Add some sepia tone, and it is right out of my gramma’s photo album.

    Happy Easter, Pudding Family from the Flatflos. (Or would that be Flatfloes?)

  2. Jeff – he is a funny one. You better not die from an eyeball hole or anything, the two of you in the nursing home will be hilarious years from now!

  3. Oh, these made me laugh. I know there are photos of me when I was a little girl and sometimes I would be all happy-go-lucky and other times I was plotting my mother’s demise. Your girls are sweet, and Mr. Fluid Pudding is quite the handsome one!

  4. I have lots of photos like that. A grinning small girl, and a bigger one with glasses on, scowling. I am usually frowning too, but in a less glamorous outfit.

  5. That second photo makes me think of that pain scale they show you in the hospital that begins with a big ol’ smiley face and moves onto faces that are not so much, until we end with one that looks… a lot like Meredith (but not nearly as adorable).

    Happy Easter, Puddings!

  6. Our last address was 2315. Coincidence? I think not. This must somehow be a “Lost” thing. That’s my only explanation. Have we been on an island together?

    Gotta love family holiday pictures!

  7. far too fun!

    My jovial, life of the party hubby is physically incapable of smiling in front of a camera.

    We have lots of “Grapes of Wrath” shots…

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