Four days only!

So, last year I made a video of myself writing all over my face for Easter.

About a month after I posted it, all hell broke loose.

Let’s just say this: There’s an amazing dead pianist out there with a crabby family who doesn’t appreciate his music being played while a complete idiot marks herself up with Clinique eyeliner.

With all due respect (or whatever you say when you’ve decided to flip the kindest of birds), I’m proud of that stinking video. Seriously! I had to write on my face backwards, and you know how tricky that is!

Because my feelings of invincibility tend to hit in 96-hour spurts, I’m putting the video up again, but will be taking it down on Monday.

Happy Easter to you.

Happy Easter from Fluid Pudding! from Angela D. on Vimeo. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

20 thoughts on “Four days only!”

  1. God I love that. Do you realize how many cool points that video earns you? More importantly, does the crabby family understand how many vicarious cool points this earns them, if only they would support your, yesIsaidit, ART?

    I mean, REALLY.

  2. You should be proud of that video.

    I made a bird flipping video recently for my blog while Surfin’ Bird by The Ramones played. It was perfect. But someone over at The YouTube didn’t think it was okay, so I had to redo it with some craptastic generic music. Because bird flipping is best set to music. Now the video is just kind of okay and I’m sort of suffering inside because it really could be so much better.


    Happy Easter!

  3. yes, well, that family wouldn’t want anyone listening to that music actually to LIKE it and then inquire where they could purchase the cd! WHAT A HORROR SHOW THAT WOULD BE!!!!

    you are awesome. FIGHT THE POWER!

  4. question is- is she double jointed aswell? lol
    definately something to put on a resume- “can write on face backwards”
    I LOVE IT!
    Happy Easter!

  5. I loved it then, and I love it now. Mrs. Kennedy totally nailed the comment — this one has to be an annual event! Can’t believe anyone would be anal enough to complain about that music. Heck, who’s to say it’s not your own very gifted little musician practicing away in the background of a “completely normal family, yessir” home movie?

  6. OMG…..that was SO funny!!!!! I’ve needed a good laugh. Thanks for providing it! Now let’s hope no one sneaks up from behind to ruin your lovely masterpiece.

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