Open me! Open me!

It’s been a busy week at the Pudding house. As you know, we adopted Ramona last Saturday, and are now struggling with keeping her sequestered from Sidney (our other cat) as she gets over that whole Humane Society Upper Respiratory Infection thing. (By the way, I HATE giving medicine to a cat.)

Apparently, Luna’s death last year coupled with Ramona joining our family last week has really screwed with my head—specifically, my recognition synapses. I’ve spent the past five days calling Ramona “Fiona” and confusing Harper and Meredith. Last night when Jeff returned from New York, I called him Jim.

Next Tuesday is Harper’s fourth birthday, and Wednesday is Meredith’s sixth. Four and six. Holy smokes.

I have lots of stories I want to tell you, but not a lot of time. SO, here is a video from last week’s kindergarten performance. (Don’t be scared. It’s less than two minutes long.)

Meredith shone.

Meredith shined.

(I think both are correct, unless shined indicates that she made something shiny, in which case, she definitely shone. There was no chamois in sight.)

MC’s Spring Concert from Angela D. on Vimeo. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

18 thoughts on “Open me! Open me!”

  1. To be honest, I usually hate watching stuff like that; but she was SO into her performance (and so good!) that I smiled and laughed out loud! Thanks for sharing. We know she’ll pass the performance portion of her CRCT test when it comes. :)

  2. Yep, she shone . . . shined . . . she was shiny! Look at the extension on those graceful little arms. She’s a natural. Please post the lyrics so we can go back and sing along.

  3. PS
    I don’t remember the first time it happened with the name thing, but it is always worse when my younger sister is visiting. My poor children get the worst of it. I throw in pet names from 20 years back. It usually takes 3-4 names before I get it right. The kids are 24 and 31 and I still can’t remember their names.

  4. Please tell her a lady many states away clapped loudly for her. So awesome!

    My brother calls me by his daughter’s name and vis versa when we’re together. I guess we were both rocking the same look. Because, at 35, I don’t feel much like a 4th grader.

  5. If Meredith keeps up that spunk and enthusiasm, I would say she is an excellent candidate for the Pit. How does she look in a beret?

  6. If you don’t have that little girl in a ballet class, get her in one! She has beautiful arms…you know, in a ballet sense. She holds herself so well and with such confidence. She looks like a natural to me!

  7. This was such a pleasure to watch. Thanks for sharing.

    I would also get teared up at each and every one of Eli’s concerts. At one of his very first concerts, I was crying uncontrollably (sp).

    Meredith has such a poise and finesse about her. She is a natural. Wonder where she gets that from?

  8. Mine eyes! Mine eye! (Meredith’s shine is blindingly cute!)

    I also laughed outloud when I read that you called your husband Jim. Right here, right at work…BAHAHA! I’m always calling people by name and then thinking, shit, is that his/her name? Recently I’ve been not using anyone’s name, but it seems weird to say, “Hey, how’s it going, you?”

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