I believe we’re going to see Up today.

Last night I had a dream in which I knitted an amazing turquoise lacy scarf for Ellen DeGeneres. When Portia de Rossi got wind of it, she threw a fit and told Ellen that the scarf did not suit her. I quickly ran to my knitting bag where I retrieved an old scrap yarn scarf. I knew I needed to weave the ends in, but I had no darning needle. Once I finally located a needle, the scarf had been stolen, and everyone in the room was eating roast beef and baked potatoes.

I have been completely meat free (except for that silly VFW Hall fish sandwich and a few odd shrimp here and there) for over 100 days, and I cry every time Ellen gives something away on her show.

A few nights back I tossed cheese tortellini in with chopped tomatoes, fresh basil, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar. I threw a fistful of feta over the top (feta festoonery!), and it quickly became the happiest dinner we’ve had in months.

(By the way, I really am working on a topaz Ishbel. But it’s not for Ellen. It’s for me. Unless Ellen contacts me directly and asks me for it. Then I’ll give it up faster than you can say “I cry every time Ellen gives something away on her show.”)

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  1. I’ve discovered that toddlers who actually love to eat hummus and carrots are far and few between. And the reason is because no one tells you that vegetarian babies need bigger diapers – until it’s too late. What a festival the next 24 hours were.

  2. I also cry every time Ellen gives something away on her show, and it usually happens right about the time my husband is calling to see what’s for dinner, so he makes endless fun of me for crying. It’s embarrassing, really.

  3. I’m jealous that you’re going to see Up. The kids want to see Land of the Lost tomorrow instead. But Up is high on my list.

    Congrats on being meat free! We’ve drastically reduced our meat consumption. Trying to make a difference for the planet!

    Love the dream!

  4. I don’t mean to brag, but I took 8 10 yr-olds +1 6 yr-old to see Up last weekend. My daughter turned 10, and I told her it was the last big shebang I was throwing until 13 or 16 or 21, or somesuch milestone. Quiet, intimate birthday celebrations from hereon in. Anyway, it was fun, I got to sit in a row all by myself, behind the kids while they gorged on popcorn and were horrified by the size of the drinks (which made me proud because they were OBSCENELY large. No wonder we are a chubby nation.)

    This was after I had the coronary over how much I had to pay for those snacks.

    It was indeed a sweet movie, I did well up once or twice, and 3-d is wicked cool.

  5. No meat? Even fish? Well, at least you eat cheese. I mean come on – life wouldn’t be worth living without cheese.

    I may just go cut myself a slice of fabulous Fisalini cheddar RIGHT NOW. And put it on top of a sumptious cracker. And take a sip of Merlot. While gazing at my gorgeous grapevine canopy over my back patio. Yup – I’m livin’ the life out here in Sunny California!

  6. Are you seeing Up at the Tiv? I’m dragging my boys there this evening.
    Actually, only the really big one needs dragging…the smaller one is cool with it because popcorn is involved.
    Loving the pasta with fresh herbs – did a bang up quiche last weekend for the sisters – are you eating eggs?

  7. I’m very jealous that you got to see Up! Hopefully, someday I will get to see it. Let me know how it was.

    I hope you are growing your own fresh herbs… you can do it!! Herbs are very easy to grow (I’m on a big gardening kick, if you couldn’t tell).

    I hope and think that Ellen is going to call you one day and want one of your famous scarves. And on THAT day, I will cry… maybe even sob.

  8. I’m still eating salami when I can get my mitts on it but I am wheat/gluten free, a special hell in and of itself. So no bread, pizza, crackers, cookies. I would say sex except that I am celibate with no man and all, oh wait, TMI there! Good thing tequila is gluten/wheat free. (Yes, I will regret this bit of sharing tomorrow….)

  9. I love my Ishbel. I’m knitting another one in Tempted Glam Grrl as soon as I’m home long enough to wind the yarn. As far as food goes, we bought a Cuisinart ice cream maker a couple of days ago (we have a White Mountain hand crank, but that takes some muscle). Right now I am eating chocolate ice cream with bits of Thin Mint cookies chopped into it. YUM

  10. Angela, tell me what you thought of UP. My daughter and I both cried. She (6) was terrified of the dogs and I (36) was totally heartbroken for the man in the movie. Gah.

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