Slaughterous Sneakers and Yo-Yo Ma Dreams

Meredith has a half day at school today, which means it’s also Show and Tell Day! After thinking long and hard about who or what to bring, she finally decided that Alex the Cat was the perfect choice.

Meredith: I thought about bringing Rainbow Bear, but I love Alex the best. If Alex was a REAL cat, I would feed her and take good care of her.

Me: Wouldn’t it be weird if Alex came to life and you really COULD feed her?

Meredith: No. But it WOULD be weird if my shoes came to life in the middle of the night and killed my family!

Me: Yeah. That would be weird. And disappointing.

Meredith: Yeah.

Okay. If any unfortunate events take place in the Pudding House, please be on the lookout for this guy (and his identical twin):
killer shoes
This evening, Jeff and I will be kicking off our week long Eight Years of Marriage Jubilee with sushi and the possibility of Tom Russell! According to the people who make up these things, Year Eight equals Bronze, Linens, and Lace. In other words, I’m still holding out for Year Twenty Four—The Year of Musical Instruments! (Cross your fingers for me and my dream cello! Eight down, sixteen to go!)

(I currently have three giveaway things going on. That has never happened before. Are you feeling lucky? You certainly look lucky.) ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

7 thoughts on “Slaughterous Sneakers and Yo-Yo Ma Dreams”

  1. Your girls are so awesome! I LOVE the conversations you have with them! HILARIOUS!

    Also? Happy Anniversary! :) Congratulations on your 8 years. Hopefully, you’ll get more than enough to earn your cello and then some!

  2. Our Traditional Gifts celebration faltered at Year 1, when it became clear that Mr Coffee did not think it would be fun to make a flotilla of boats out of origami paper.

    This lack of enthusiasm could have finished us off. But we survived.

  3. Happy Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Pudding! I think alcohol is fitting no matter what year you are celebrating!

  4. Yo Yo Ma is going to be in St. Louis on Oct. 24 at Powell Hall – perhaps it’s fate?

  5. Dream cellos are wonderful. I have mine courtesy of my dear mother. If you are ever in Salt Lake, come to Prier’s shop and try the really, really old and expensive cellos in the ‘vault’. Worth the trip for cello junkies…

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