I would like to introduce you to David Mead.

A good friend of mine had Mr. Mead write “To the Best Angie, David Mead” on a piece of paper for me a few years back.

David Mead is one of my melancholy choices—the perfect voice for an evening during which I purchased a pair of pants in a size I swore I would never wear.

Every time I listen to this song, I make tentative plans to take the girls to Nashville and show them all of my old hangouts, including Pancake Pantry. Wait. What was that I just said about my pants? Interesting. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

6 thoughts on “I would like to introduce you to David Mead.”

  1. You should def. show your girls where you hung out/ grew up etc. To them it’s like seeing the Olden Times, lol.

  2. Pant sizes do not reflect the important truths in life. Besides, I swear clothes manufacturers are using smaller fabric again. Damn them!

  3. I love CW music, but, now that I’m dating again, it can be a deal breaker. Me: “I had cancer, I’m a grandmother and I like country music.” Him: “What? You like country music?”

    Thanks for the introduction to Mead. Love him.

  4. I LOVE David Mead. A few years back (um…let’s see, six years ago? Seven?) I was working for an entertainment magazine in a mid-sized city and he came into town. I covered his show, interviewing him and his bandmates before they went on, snapping a few pictures for the article. My husband showed up right before showtime and I introduced him to Mr. Mead as Mr. Tigchelaar…well, I like to think there was a little disappointment in his eyes. He signed my husband’s CD: “To Jeff – Rock on with your lovely wife.”

    He signed mine: “Jana- Thanks for the photographic love in [city].”

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