This is what I know.

Mitchum Huntzberger as Russell Fabray is, in my opinion, a brilliant idea. (Yes. I’m a fan of Glee, but please know that I’ll never refer to myself as a Gleek.)

I am not going to see New Moon tonight, and I may not have a chance to see it before it leaves the theaters. With that said, if I was forced to choose a team, I would make sweet love to the vampire.

I bought some jeans last week, and I found myself to be between sizes. Obviously, I purchased the smaller size because I tend to wipe my eyes and set lofty goals when I’m standing in my underpants looking into a department store mirror. Today I have placed myself inside of the jeans, and I’m finding that I’m experiencing that dreaded phenomenon known as Muffin Top. It’s appalling, really. I now need to either punch myself for not getting the larger size, or speed up the progress in the Firm That Pudding category.

This year I am once again contributing Caramel Apple Salad and Mashed Sweet Potatoes to the Thanksgiving meal. My grandmother, may she continue to rest in peace, was always in charge of the apple salad and the sweet potatoes, and when she died I was more than happy to take her baton. This is my twelfth year of Apple/Potato duty, and every year I feel like I’m just not getting it right. One week from right now I’ll be making the decision to either retire from Apple/Potato duty or to sign on for another dozen years.

In a few days I’ll be receiving a phone made of corn, and this excites me for a number of reasons, not entirely limited to this:
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  1. I am fascinated by this caramel apple salad of which you speak. Are there pictures? Is it a secret family recipe or one you can share with me? :)

  2. is the caramel apple salad a family secret passed down through generations of women… or can you let the internets know about this intriguing dish?

  3. Anticipating the Carmel Apple Salad recipe. Assume that will be a NoPlamMo (whatever) gimme. Thanks in advance.

    (Video of the make of said salad would be aces!)

    Also? (I heart parantheses.) Did I spell that right?

  4. I try to be disappointed in myself for it, but I’m not – I too am kind of feeling the vampire. Or at least, would like to be feeling.

  5. Heh, I won a ticket (yes, a single ticket, cheap skates) to see the midnight showing of New Moon tonight. I was at a car show over the weekend (i’m not sure which i should more ashamed of here…citing the Twilight movie or admitting i attended a car show…complete toss-up there), filling out slips of paper all helter skelter for any box with a slit in the top. Aaaaaand, apparently one box was for the midnight premiere of the vampire movie.

    My 37-year-old motherly maintenance of 4 children will keep me from the theater at midnight. Plus, as hot as corn eater is, I would be too embarrassed to be in the crowd tonight. (ooh, and it’s midnight as i’m writing) (i really should go to bed)

  6. I hate to be the voice of reason here, but are you all crazy?! That Taylor is one smokin’ werewolf, and RPatz up there is crazy looking and greasy! And I agree, what the heck did he do to that ear of corn?

  7. Hum, all consuming love (vampire) or someone who challenges you to be who you are (werewolf), Tempting either way, but visually the werewolf has it.

    I wanted to say, I to am experiencing the between size jean, thank you weight watchers. So the other day I was laying on the bed with my shirt up as a sunbeam lay gently on my stomach, my eight year old walked in and asked what I was doing, he did not wait for my reply but quickly said, “Oh, Cooking your Muffin-top!” I will pass on caramel apple/sweet potatoes please.

  8. I gotta go with Suzie on this one. That Taylor is one smokin’ werewolf!

    I have been inhaling the eggnog over the last two weeks and it shows. I am no longer in between sizes, I fit the larger one again. sigh.

    @ Judi-Wow, that is one clever eight year old. Mean, but clever. :)

  9. I like to look at both of them. However, the Vampire is creepy and exhausting to me what with the secretly watching her every night while she sleeps and the constant yearning and deconstruction of her every sentence. Oy!

    For myself, I prefer the Werewolf encouraging me to try new things, be myself, and generally enjoy my life. But that’s just me.

  10. He is so so hot. It’s not like we are dating so I don’t feel like a cougar or whatever. I just like me extreme hot. The kind that makes ne feel a little “funny”. The tousled hair, the jaw, ok I will stop.

  11. Oh, yes. That was inspired casting. My husband and I both made a noise of appreciation when we saw who it was. And, also, do the character names in Glee just ROCK or what? Quinn Fabray. The gay kid’s mechanic dad calling his family “the Hummels” gave me happy figurine feelings…I love it.

  12. I love you for this picture and I stole it for my facebook page. I have an old(er) lady crush on R Pats. Cannot help myself.

  13. I do not have to cook Thanksgiving dinner this year…. and for that I am tremendously thankful. (I think my older brother felt sorry for me this year, and I let him!) I will be making two side dishes that no one else likes to make. Mashed sweet potatoes and cranberry relish/salad. Those are two of my favorite Thanksgiving foods.

    I’ve been on a baked sweet potato kick lately… it is one of my mom’s favorite foods and I’ve joined her on the sweet potato adoration train. I usually make her and I at least one a day.

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