Meredith is a carnivore.

She read it to us this morning as “I am thankful for the Thanksgiving turkey, because I love the prayer.”

However, I do enjoy picturing Meredith hunting and seizing a wild turkey for our Thanksgiving dinner. It’s all about the prey, you know.

(The first part is about her grandparents’ dog—an animal Meredith will never attack and eat. Hopefully.)

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11 thoughts on “Meredith is a carnivore.”

  1. That’s funny. So funny I laughed out loud and my 6 year old was all, “what’s so funny?”. Although explaining to a 6 year old why it was so funny kinda defeats the funniness.

  2. Excellent. My daughter (who is 3) is, apparently, thankful for her stuffed tiger. Her teacher felt compelled to point out to me that ALLLLL the other kids were thankful for moms, dads, siblings, etc– but MY KID was thankful for the STUFFED TIGER, isn’t that WILD? Whatev.

  3. That is something that absolutely must be saved for grown up Meredith, because everyone likes to know what a hysterically awesome kid they were.

  4. This kind of story is what being a parent is all about!!

    Not to steal the show, just to add a story of my own… When Eli was in the second grade he had to do a project about the life cycle and anatomy of frogs. (BTW Eli HATES frogs) So, Brian and I are at his spring open house, waiting in line in the hall where all of the kids projects are hanging on the wall. Brian finds Eli’s and tells me in a kind of “pssst, come here and look at this!!”way. I read what he wrote… “frogs have dicks for ears”. Brian and I laughed until we cried that evening. When Eli read it to us, he said that frogs have discs for ears.

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