It starts with a P and ends with an issed.

I don’t believe I will even try today.

It seems that my four year old has taken a hole puncher to my cat’s ear, and I’m beyond angry.

You have never seen me like this.

I’ll be back tomorrow. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

22 thoughts on “It starts with a P and ends with an issed.”

  1. oh no. i guess she wanted kitty to have her ears pierced? ouch.
    my baby sister used to put make-up on the cat and cut off his whiskers. and walk around with him draped over her shoulders, a soft live cat scarf. that cat still loved her. (that doesn’t make it any better right now, does it?)

  2. Ooh, that sucks. Poor kitty. I remember committing random acts of violence on our cats growing up…and I’m not a psychopath. There’s hope.

  3. I know it seems horrible. Ok it is horrible. But remember, when you are little, you don’t know how everything works. And you have to find out. I remember eating a tree shelf fungus that my sister told me was poison. Because I wanted to find out what poison was…

  4. Suebob you’re absolutely right. As a child we had a lot of cats, I tried to walk them like a dog, put them on a record player and set it on 45 rpm, dress them in clothes …. I loved them all and very innocently thought we were having a great time together, never realized I was driving them nuts.

  5. When my brother was 6 he feed my 2 year old sister rat poison. We spent all day at the doctor’s office while they tried to get her to puke up the poison. I saw the whole thing, but waited until she ingested the poison before telling on him. Bad siblings.

  6. Oof. Sorry to hear that. Since we’re confessing our cat sins here in your comment booth, I tossed my cats (and kittens) into the prickly holly bush and would time them to see how fast they would each reach the bottom. Kitty Boot Camp, I called it. The slowest would have to repeat the process. I also gave the cats “shots” with the prickly holly leaves. Shhh, my mother never knew, though. And, like jana, I consider myself a non-psychopath.

    I hope your kitty’s okay.

  7. Och! I’m sure you’re feeling a whole range of emotions. I wish there was a class I could go to in order to teach my child common sense without feeling like I want to spank her butt with a wooden spoon.

  8. When I was in high school (aka ‘old enough to know better’), my friend and I held down her white cat and colored it whiskers-to-tail with markers. Every time I walked into her house after that, the cat would run and hide!
    And I think about it every time I see a white kitty.
    Hope your cat is okay.

  9. Meow-ouch. How is kitty?

    And the cat allowed this? Amazing cat, dear Pudding. there should be much tuna for that particular cat. Bumblebee tuna. White chunk. In Water.

    reference to previous post – do you remember a couple years ago when somone moved the letters on the hillside and it said “Satans Magical Kingdom”? It was up for about 3 weeks before they changed it back.

  10. Oh noes! Was she trying to give the cat “Swiss cheese ear”? I remember when I was little, Disney cats, the ones who weren’t well-cared-for, always had a hole clipped out of their ear. I thought it was so cute, and was always disappointed that I never encountered a cat like that.

  11. While the cat would have been absolutely and totally justified, I hope she didn’t f up Harper too much :( poor babies!!!!

  12. When I was little, my sister and I used to set up our father’s empty beer cans on the kitchen floor like bowling pins and then ‘bowl’ the cat across the linoleum at the cans.

    Those were not my best years. I hope!

  13. Ajax has a bit of ear missing, and I don’t know if it was Elliot or Finley that took it. Both of them like to sit on the cat, and he seems to like to be sat on. :( Hope kitty’s doing ok.

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