The Golden Mean

Let’s tie up all loose ends here, shall we?

The Cat’s Ear: As of today, Sidney’s ear has completely healed around the hole. She now looks like a cat who has a battle scar, and has already forgotten who scarred her. She actually jumped up onto the couch this afternoon and curled up right next to Harper. The Puddings would like to buy the world a Coke. (By the way, I’m still holding a grudge against a girl named Kelly who embarrassed me during one of my sister’s slumber parties. I was in the fourth grade at the time, meaning this particular grudge is thirty years old. Two days after being cut with a hole puncher, Sidney has forgiven Harper. Obviously, Sidney and I need to grab some peyote and sweat lodge it out or something.)

NaBloPoMo: This is the final entry. So, there’s that. Thirty days of not very much. However, Mrs. Flinger has stirred me.

You Didn’t Even Know About This: I’ve been feeling itchy to grab the family and head out of town for a weekend. SO, this weekend we’re going to take the kids to Indianapolis to visit the Children’s Museum, the zoo, and whatever else sparks us. (I’m looking at you, Mass Ave Knit Shop.) The kids have no idea. This will be good.

My Hair: I just got back from the haircut place. I let her shave up the back and sides of my head and let the top go floppy. We’ll see how long it lasts.


I’m  holding paper behind my head so you can sort of see what I mean by Go Floppy. Otherwise, the flop would be lost in our refrigerator magnet collection.

Weird. Do you see that red spot on my neck? What IS that?

Today is Mark Twain’s birthday! To my knowlege, he never said anything quotable about Pudding, but he did have this to say about the Pterodactyl:

“The less said about the pterodactyl the better.” ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

27 thoughts on “The Golden Mean”

  1. 1. Sorry about Harper and the Cat’s Ear (there’s a short story in there somewhere). Sometimes lovable kids do unbelievably stupid things. (And yet, so curious! That must be good in ways entirely unrelated to holey cat ears.)
    2. Pets are great for life lessons.
    3. Happy trails!
    4. Hair – love. You are divine.
    5. Thank you for the Mrs. Flinger link. Good stuff. And thank you for NaBloPoMo-ing. Daily Pudding makes me happy.

  2. Do it, Angie! Take the Mrs. Flinger challenge!! I am so worried that well-written blogs might drown in the shower of 140 character word bites which seem to be spewing out all over the place these days. Daily is too much to ask of anyone, but “every so often” would be wonderful.

    Oh, and your hair? Is C.U.T.E!

  3. I was so happy to read the daily pudding. And thanks for the link to Mrs. Flinger’s challenge. I think I am up for it. I think.

    Also, remind me to tell you how my mom used to drop my sister and I off at the Indy Children’s Museum for the day. Alone. While she was at work. True stories from single parenthood! Anyway, love that place. So many excellent unsupervised adventures were had.

  4. Hair looks great, Indy museum is cool (been there twice) and pterodactyls became extinct for a reason.

  5. I loved NaBloPoMo! Thanks for the daily entertainment! Also, the hair is good, I would keep growing it.

  6. Definite thumbs up on the “hair-do”. (people don’t refer to their hairstyle as their hair-do anymore, I wish they would)

    Enjoy your weekend, sounds like alot of fun! We are also taking a little trip this weekend…to celebrate someone’s 13th birthday in our house!

    I thoroughly enjoyed fluid pudding last month! Thanks!

  7. If you ever watch any kind of car racing, the Indy Motor Speedway Museum Bus Ride around the track is fun and cheap.

    I’d only suggest the museum if you (the kids, esp.) are really into cars and/or racing–it could get old really quickly if you aren’t.

  8. Oooh, great calls on both the Children’s Museum and the Zoo. Bazbeaux’s Pizza is a tasty place, if you’re looking for somewhere to eat. Connor Prairie is pretty fun too, if you’re looking for another daytime activity – though it’s a good 20-25 minutes north of downtown. Okay – enough unsolicited advice from me. Have a great time!

  9. The red spot’s probably nothing. Though it could be cancer, I guess. Well, I’m sure it’s not. Forget I said that. Surely not cancer. Ridiculous.

    If you let the top go floppy enough, eventually you can have your own fight song sung to the tune of ‘Rocky Top’, replacing ‘Rocky’ with ‘Floppy’, singing it at the top of your lungs, and thereby endearing yourself to everyone within earshot.

  10. Yayyyy, Mass Ave. Knit Shop! There’s a great place about 30 min north of town, in Westfield– Stitches and Scones. Kind of a cutesy name, but it’s yarn heaven. And we loooove the museum. My husband and daughter go there every few weeks, to give me a few kid-less hours. Y’all have fun! (And I second the Bazbeaux recommendation… yummmm…)

  11. Some nice comments here – I like Mitzi, I think, and I’m going to start saying “hair-do” more.

    Did you notice how many times Katie Couric said “having said that” tonight?

  12. Oh, you have to read “Puddinghead Wilson” (spelling??) by Mark Twain. And I know you’re musical but you don’t by any chance play the violin or viola? … if you do, you will get a hickey-like mark on your neck. It’s TRUE!

  13. Would you consider posting a shot of the back of the fine head of hair? I beg hair stylists to shave the back of mine but they always refuse, saying I don’t know what I am talking about & it can’t be done. Or shouldn’t be done. Something. I would be eternally grateful to be able to point to yours and say “See? Like this.”

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