A few months after Meredith was born, our computer crashed and we lost all of her baby photos. I was absolutely devastated. The End.

The only photos we were able to recover were the tiny files I had put up on Fluid Pudding, Volume One. (That was the version done in Microsoft Publisher. When I put a post up, I had to manually move all of the other posts down the page. Heh. It was ridiculous, Sisyphus.)

Anyway, here is a photo of today’s birthday girl taken less than 24 hours after she was born:

That’s a big baby!

Here’s another taken when she was two days old:

She was almost crawling!

Today Meredith is Seven. And for some reason, Seven is very difficult for me. My theory? It’s the first age with more than one syllable. (Thank God we have three more monosyllabic ages before we move up to that dreaded eleven!) Seven is not difficult for Meredith. She is very wise for her age, she is clever and creative and has good taste in music (despite her current Justin Bieber fascination). She is thoughtful and considerate and when she grows up she wants to be a rock star scientist. (When I was seven, I was sent to the principal’s office for standing on a toilet.)

Happy Birthday, Meredith Claire.

(Jeff gets full credit for the video. I absolutely love how her bike sounds like the record album has reached the end of its side. I married a genius.)
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22 thoughts on “Seven.”

  1. I got sent to the principal’s office for standing on a toliet, too… I might have to ask my mom how old I was, I think it was in the 5-7 neighborhood.

    Enough of that, lol…

    Happy birthday Meredith! :)

  2. I can’t believe I’ve been checking in with your blog, for, oh, over five years now – how do I know that? Because that’s how old Harper is and when I first started reading your blog, you were trying to decide on names. Wow! Congratulations on the passage of time.

  3. Angela, it’s such a relief to know that it’s not just me! MY Meredith turned 7 on the 23rd, and I. Am. Not. Dealing. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but maybe it’s the multiple-syllable thing? Hell, that’s as good an excuse as any. :o)

    It appears that both Merediths are embracing seven though, with the joie de vivre that only Merediths can, so … happy birthday, Meredith P., from Meredith G. (and her mom)!

  4. Lord, you DID marry a genius. That was awesome.

    Happy Birthday to the fabulous Meredith. Do let her know that here in the Chookooloonks house, we’ve considered her to have set a new high standard for seven. :)

  5. So what you’re really telling us is that you and Mr Fluid Pudding get busy with it at least once a year, generally around the same time. Snaps to you young lady. Rock it out.

  6. Oh, she’s precious! Seven through nine are when kids are my absolute favorite. I love that they have pretty fully come into their own as far as personalities and likes and dislikes, and they’re so fun to talk to, but they don’t have much of that teen angst and drama about them yet. Happy birthday to Meredith :)

  7. I am not kidding when I tell you my older daughter looked exactly like Meredith in that first picture. Like I even have a pic in that exact pose, leg out and ALL!!

    Happy Birthday!

    Sadie at heyMamas

  8. The C is for Claire? And she’s also a Taurus? Well now I love the Pudding family even more. Happy 7th birthday MC!

  9. Hi, I just came across your blog. I too had lost nearly all my pregnancy and baby pictures when my son was about 6 months old (computer crash). It was awful and I thought I was the only one. Anyway, happy birthday to your daughter! I have a 6 y/o and I’m beginning to dread the time passage.

  10. This is the year she will really start remembering..”when I was 7…” I hope it is a fantastic year for her!

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