Ending the Year on a High Note

Today was the last day of this particular school year. As I’ve mentioned in the past, every morning I drive Meredith to school, and every morning the coach gets her out of the car with a smile and a “Good morning, Meredith!” (This is the coach involved in the Great Hat Drama of January 2010. But let’s not talk about that.) This morning we happened to arrive at school before the coach came out to retrieve kids from their cars. As we sat and listened to Justin Bieber (Yep. Let’s not talk about that, either.), Coach exited the building (always so cheerful!) and started opening car doors for kids. When we got a bit closer, I noticed that he was carrying a note in his hand.

Me (simply killing time as we waited our turn in the circle): Hey! Coach has a note in his hand! I wonder what it says.

Meredith: It probably says, “Christmas is coming, and I need to buy a present for Meredith.”

Me: Excellent. I hope he gets a present for me, too!

Harper: I know exactly what that note says.

Me: What does it say?

Harper: It says, “Don’t forget to take off your underpants right now.”

Me: That’s not what it says. Do you realize how inappropriate that is?

Harper: I do. Let me try again. I bet it says, “Take off your PANTS right now.”

Me: Interesting. Who do you think the note is for?!

Coach (opening the door and hopefully not noticing my perky eyebrows): Good morning, Meredith!!!

(Apparently, it wasn’t for me.)
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12 thoughts on “Ending the Year on a High Note”

  1. I have not read any of your other posts, but reading this one makes me believe that you attend a very interesting school. I’ve never heard of one that has valet service.

  2. I can’t stop laughing. I want to live in Meredith’s AND Harper’s heads. What the….?!?!?!?

  3. I love Harper’s sense of humor. It sounds exactly the same as my 8-year-old daughter’s. Underpants = hilarious!

  4. You really do have some of the best eyebrows of anyone I know. I know it’s time to get mine done when the pedicure lady offers. If you can notice them being straggly while you’re doing my toes; it’s bad.

  5. Has Harper been watching the TV soaps again? Either that or too much Superman??? I love that you can wriggle both eyebrows. I, too, have this facility, and Mr Golightly seems to think this makes me some kind of genetic throwback. If we’re related through our eyebrows, I feel much better.

  6. Our school also has a different teacher each day that works the carpool lane. Recently, the 6th grade boys have begun to open the doors and welcome the kids to school. It’s a nice touch and a chance to get to know (at least by sight) the rest of the folks in the school.
    Underpants stay on until college.

  7. I am glad everyone elses’ comments are so light-hearted. I must have read too many detective books where men are up to funny business because my first thought was ‘oh no, the Coach has said that to them.’ Sorry I hate to even say that because it is so awful. I need to read more uplifting books and not be so paranoid!

  8. I like how Harper’s theory is more instant gratification (pants off! comfy now!) while Meredith’s is more long-term.

    I mean, Christmas is MONTHS away. If it were me, I’d be hoping he was buying me a present for the 4th of July…

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