I ate a waffle on a mountain.

I don’t want to bore you with long windy stories about our vacation.

Instead, I’ll show you some of my favorite photos.

The view from our hotel room:
View from Room 843

From the top of Rendezvous Mountain:
On a Clear Day, You Can See Forever

Totally loving the mountain thing:
We are a mountain loving family. 100%.

I ate a waffle (and drank a Fat Tire) on the top of Rendezvous Mountain:
It has taken forty years for me to be able to say, "I drank a beer and ate a waffle on the top of a snowy mountain in Wyoming!"

The girls rode a horse at the Diamond Cross Ranch:
MC and Harper loved riding Freckles at the Diamond Cross Ranch.

We hiked at Grand Teton National Park:
I never got tired of seeing this. (I have 743 photos that look Just Like This One.)

(The entire set may be seen here.)

Other notable events: I had my first OSM waffle at The Bunnery and am now obsessed with finding a recipe. I ate a soft pretzel at Old Faithful because it seemed like the right thing to do. I accidentally exposed my underpants to the photographer at the Alpine Slide, and will now try my best to either sit like a lady while riding a ski lift, or leave the skirts at home. (Seeing my splayed legs and pink underpants showcased on the computer screen as we were asked if we wanted to purchase a souvenir was a bit horrifying.) ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

9 thoughts on “I ate a waffle on a mountain.”

  1. Yay Jackson Hole!!! I lived there one summer and worked on a guest ranch. Now I live in Laramie, which is the same elevation as Jackson but only 1/49th as pretty.

    Oh, and the Bunnery?!? NOM NOM.

  2. For some reason, I want to sing “The Hills are alive with the sound of Music,” after seeing a few of these beautiful pics. and yes, I realize you aren’t in the Alps.

  3. Wowza, Fat Tire comes in cans????

    Looks like an all-around splendid trip. And who but you would have packed the perfect mile-long hand-knit accessory scarf for such an occasion :-)

  4. OMG, this was my family vacation last year. I chronicled the whole thing at another site where I write – http://examiner.com/x-12949-la-motherhood-examiner. Because I know you have nothing else to do but read all about MY journey to Jackson Hole. I just have to know, did you go to Jedidiah’s House of Sourdough? Best pancakes I’ve ever had IN MY LIFE. I’m a sourdough junkie.

    We went in August. Not so much snow. Beautiful pics.

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