Waffling! Constantly waffling! Itchy!

Anyone who knows me at all will find it hard to believe that I have spent the past five days attending outdoor gatherings like Barbecues and Lunches and Celebrations and Events During Which Fireworks Explode. When I woke up this morning with about 754 (give or take 742) fresh bug bites, I rolled over, raised my right hand, and vowed to never leave my house again. Sadly, I will be breaking this vow in about twenty minutes when the girls and I comb the area for cracked wheat and millet. You see, the very first thing I ate in Jackson Hole, Wyoming was an OSM waffle at The Bunnery. That waffle has been on my mind for 24 days, which happens to be the gestation period of a pheasant. I was able to find the recipe last weekend, and yesterday I found a waffle iron for seven dollars, meaning OSM Waffles are Meant to Be. (I’m not quite sure what millet is, but keep your fingers crossed that it stops the bug bites from itching, because right now my synapses are firing simple messages of “Waffles!” and “Itchy!”, and it’s becoming impossible to steer my waves toward things like “Laundry!” and “Take care of the children!”)

In about six hours, Harper will be testing for her yellow belt, which means in about six hours I will be crying at a martial arts center. (Perhaps I’ll bring an onion to chop so I don’t appear to be quite so emotionally unstable. I should have brought an onion to Toy Story 3. I’ll be bringing lots of onions to Harper first day of kindergarten…)

In less than 48 hours, I will be on the road to Memphis, where my road trip buddies and I will be touring Graceland, eating at a hotel that boasts of parading ducks, visiting a few yarn stores, and drinking sweet tea. Any other suggestions would be appreciated! Obviously, with less than 48 hours in Memphis, time is a consideration. (Time, time, time. See what’s become of me while I looked around for my possibilities?!) Waffles. Itchy. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

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  1. Benadryl? Claritin? Zyrtec? I hear they all help the itchies. Millet is a seed/grain commonly found in birdseed.

  2. Cortizone for the bites! (Cream form — it will help immediately!) Yum on the waffles. I am still craving a pumpkin/ricotta pancake that I ate in Oakland, CA, 4 years ago.

  3. I never really found anything that truly works on the itchies. Scratching them until the turn into wounds sometimes helps.

  4. I Memphis-ed it up on April. I stayed at the Peabody- across the street is the famous Rendezvous bbq that everyone and even my mother told me I must go to- I did. Naturally, you will also be forced to go to Beale. It was fun in spring, but probably hot as heck now. Still, a must see.
    Have fun, fun, fun!

  5. Does OSM stand for Oat, Sunflower, Millet, or is there something here I’m missing?

  6. Call Nutrition Stop in St. Charles for grains. (check “whole foods” areas at D-bergs & Schnucks) Also, Whole Foods, but I avoid going there b/c it’s like Target.

  7. Congrats to Harper! Ky is working on making it to testing for his red belt (which means he has made it thru the Y, O, P, Bl, G, and Br levels of testing) and I still cry every.stinkin’.time. Thanks for the tip! Perhaps “chopping onions at the dojo” should be in my future, too! ;)

    Memphis? I got nothing. Oh! ‘cept blue suede shoes!

    Itchies? Have you tried the toothpaste thing? Of course that is usually better if you’re NOT planning on leaving the house. Otherwise I’m useless here too.

  8. I think that it’s great that you have been attending outdoor activities!! As far as how to stop the itchies, I think it’s a matter of finding what’s right for you. At our house, it’s caladryl (calamine lotion and benadryl combo for topical application), if that doesn’t work, then a dose of benadryl follows. You know, the “soap lady”at the farmer’s market sells soaps for that sort of thing?!

    I hope that you have a terrific time in Memphis!! What kind of snacks for the road did you decide on?

    Something happens to us when we become mothers. We turn into big bumbling, crying, idiots when we see our children turn a milestone, sing a song, write a poem or go for a yellow belt. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

  9. way to go, Harper!

    The Memphis trip sounds like a lot of fun. I’m jealous – need to plan my own girls-gone-wild trip I guess.

  10. Devil’s Advocate Time!
    Rendevous is only good if you like dry rub BBQ. If you prefer sauce, stay away from Rendevous. If you’ve never been to the French Quarter in New Orleans, Beale can be fun – if you HAVE been to NoLA, Beale will seem small. Graceland is also surprisingly small (but fun nonetheless). I was amazed that the house was really just….a house. Not some huge mansion like the MTV generation seems to covet. I thought that was cool. Don’t forget to go to Sun Studios!!

  11. Gus’ Fried Chicken was wonderful. if you eat meat and like it hot.

    Check out the Orpheum Theater as well. We saw The Wizard of Oz there at Christmas.

  12. oh, and if you can find the EXACT spot where Jeff Buckley waded and drowned, I’d appreciate it! I looked for hours during a portion of the Wolf River bank.

  13. For your memphis trip – I highly recommend Muddy’s bake shop. The cupcakes are melt-in-your-mouth awesome and the little shop is super cute. Have fun and drink lots of water. It’s super hot here!

  14. Go to Lush at Galleria and buy the Fresh Farmacy face soap it has Calamine in it and is wonderful for the itchies.

  15. (Comments are closed on your most recent post so I backed up to this…) Thank you for promoting BHJ and the fundraising for DMD. My dear godson was diagnosed with DMD 2 years ago and any efforts toward fundraising to enable better research in understanding and treatment are much appreciated. My husband does an intense bike ride fundraiser in the fall dedicated to the cause as well; nice to see others raising awareness!!

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