He was indeed a hunk, a hunk of burning love.

So, you know I went to Graceland last week. What I neglected to tell you is that I freaked out with all of the “Do Not Bring Blah, Blah, Blah into the Park” signs and left my camera in the car.

Luckily, my mom had more sense than I did, and she allowed me to use her camera.

I am about to give you a mini-tour of Graceland.

“Hello there! I’m Big Noggin Angela with the nostrils that might eat you! I’m wearing headphones that have been sprayed with Lysol! I’m your purple dressed tour guide who can’t figure out how to get the date to NOT appear on the photos! You look pretty today!”

That's me again.

When you enter the Graceland Mansion and look to the right, you see this room. This is where guests would sit and wait for Elvis to walk down the stairs. I’m thinking about having one of those peacocks tattooed up the entire left side of my body so that it looks as if I’m being pecked on the ear. Welcome to my mid-life crisis!


This is the kitchen, and I loved it because it looks like my parents’ kitchen in the 70s. It also looks like YOUR parents’ kitchen in the 70s. We are the world!


This is the lounge where Elvis played the piano on the morning of his death. According to the Lysol scented voices in my head, he loved to gather friends in this room to sing gospel tunes. It’s 07/10/2010!


This is Lisa Marie’s swing set, and I love knowing that she probably burned her butt going down her slide just like I burned my butt going down my slide. Once again, we’re all more alike than we are different, don’t you think?

Metal slide!

This is not a great photograph, but I had to add it, because it’s right around the corner from Elvis’s grave, and when I first saw it I thought it said, “Thank you for not smiling.” and I immediately smiled because it’s sort of like “Don’t picture a pink elephant in your head.” isn’t it?

Grave Bush

My mom saw this and wondered why the album at position (2,2) is crooked.

Adjustment needed at B2

Similarly, Mom wondered why the left side of this vest is a bit shorter than the right. Mom has quite an eye for detail. I have quite an eye for tear duct infections. But, with a few drops of antibiotics, it cleared right up! See how I’m tying this post together with the post from last week? By the way: I need glasses!

Adjustment needed on right bottom.

I loved this suit so much that I’m now thinking of designing a white knitted shawl with cascading blue and silver beads. And I know I’ll never get to it, but it does seem like a lovely idea.

My favorite suit

These are Elvis’s shoes as seen on Elvis’s plane. When I saw these shoes, I just knew that Elvis and I could have been great friends.


Ah, yes. There’s one (or sixteen) in every crowd, no?


Enjoy your day. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

21 thoughts on “He was indeed a hunk, a hunk of burning love.”

  1. I had the same reaction to the kitchen when I was there a few years ago. Really, the house itself seemed remarkably ordinary to me – kind of a recognition of what it meant to be “rich” in those days, compared with what it means now. We had a swing set virtually identical to that one growing up. My dad bought it at Sears.

    Also – did you feel like the “old, fat Elvis” was neither so old nor so fat as you’d been led to believe?! I think that all the impersonators have given us a mistaken impression of that.

    I totally love the shawl idea. You could call it “Graceland”!

  2. The crooked frame would have driven me nuts! I would’ve been kicked out for touching it to straighten it out. And sadly, my kitchen looks like that right now with avacado green. I want to go to Graceland though!

  3. I have a secret thing for Elvis too. We took our kids to Graceland 3 years ago. It was totally worth it to go through it just once. We really liked Memphis.

  4. If you had looked behind that award, you’d have seen the release switch to the secret bunker where they’ve kept the body frozen in liquid nitrogen…

  5. Love the tour of Graceland, but aaaaaaargh! Now I’ve got pink elephants (AND their song, you know, the one from “Dumbo”) stuck in my head.

  6. Thank you for the tour! I wonder if Elvis wanted that picture to be crooked? or if he wanted his vest tailored like that? The house does seem quite ordinary…. compared to most people’s “standards” nowadays.

    I think a peacock would make a great tattoo! (seriously)
    Glad to hear that your tear duct is on the mend.

  7. Did the Graceland thing for mom’s 50th birthday a few years ago, it is the only thing she wanted to for her birthday. But I have to tell you that you haven’t taken the true believers tour until you’ve been chased out of the place by security. Oddly, it’s the only thing we didn’t get a picture of during the whole damn tour.

  8. Looks as if you had a great trip. I love the photos of the rooms. Thanks for visiting my blog. I wanted to let you know that you barely need to know how to crochet to make amigurumi. Seriously. You just need patience, I’ve found, as the stitches are so tight.

  9. What do you mean that’s what my parents kitchen looked like in the 70’s? That’s what my kitchen looks like STILL.

  10. Elvis’ sneakers may be the greatest footwear ever. Seriously, love those. Would like someone to re-issue that design,

  11. If you ever find yourself in Orange County, CA, drop me a line and I’ll show you my old Elvis Week photos, featuring many, many Elvis tattoos. This was not SO long ago but still in the days before photos lived in your computer.

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