What happened to the Danny Zuko I met at the beach?


My youngest partner in crime is now spending her days in kindergarten.

Second Grade!

Her older sister is right down the hall in the second grade.

First Day of School!

Although they have no idea who Rizzo is, I’m sure they would appreciate that whole “We’re gonna rule the school!” thing.

Harper: If it’s okay, I want to take an apple to school for the teacher.
Me: It’s fine with me if you really want to.
Harper: I do. And for her birthday, if we have enough money, I’d like to buy her a very nice rug.

I was fine throughout the morning. I was completely under control as we pulled up to the drop off and the coach opened the door to let the girls out of the car. And then I turned the iPod onto Shuffle, and I Will Remember You started to play. I thought about my friend who dropped her son off at his new dormitory this weekend. I thought about another friend whose daughter just flew to Haiti to teach for a year. I rolled down my window, quickly tossed the iPod onto the street, and continued on to the store where I purchased the makings for our traditional First Day of School After School Snack—refrigerated graham crackers with chocolate icing.

Five more hours until I get to pick them up.

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22 thoughts on “What happened to the Danny Zuko I met at the beach?”

  1. Hurray for the first day of school! Hurray for grahams with icing! Now I want snack.

    Maybe, just to get through the 5 hours, you should taste test the icing. Just a little.

  2. Hooray for your girls! And you! We had our first day of school today, too. We’re homeschooling, though, so the only tears were when the pair of 2-year-olds locked us out of the house.

    (There weren’t really any tears, but there was most certainly locking out.)

  3. “you’ll be in my heart” is my shoot the messenger song…

    harkens back to preschool graduation and what may have been a humiliating estrogen-based flood of emotion.

    I’m just not good with the back of his head.

  4. Great pictures and great shirts! Today is my boys’ first day of school, too…kindergarten and third grade. I’m liking your traditional First Day of School After School Snack idea…sounds like it would be quite a hit here.

  5. Love the t-shirts! Kiddo (my only) starts Kindergarten on Mon. I’m pretty sure Hubby will have a harder time than me but I’m excited & sad at the same time.

  6. My first day of school dessert is always “cups of dirt”.

    Please tell me that you did not throw your ipod out the window.

  7. “Slipping Through My Fingers” by ABBA. I can barely type the title of that song without crying at the thought of my daughter growing up.

  8. A rug is a great teacher gift!

    First grade started for us today and I realized I forgot to kiss her good bye and tell her I loved her and drowned my worries about her not loving me because I forgot in popsicles and Don Draper.

  9. Ha! My mom is a kindergarten teacher and she once had a student (a boy) tell her that for christmas he was going to buy her a bra. from victoria’s secret. lol.

  10. I acknowledge your first day of school with side of “I Will Remember You” and counter with a one-week old asleep in my arms and Coldplay’s “Fix You” on iPod shuffle.

    Rivers. Of. Tears. this morning. Sheesh. I blame the hormones. (probably)

  11. I love your stories about your girls (almost said “i love your girls” but I don’t know them and don’t want to be that creepy overly friendly lady on the internet)… The shirts are awesome (and make me feel old too).

    I always want to know the motivation behind some of the things they say… A rug for the teacher’s birthday? what an interesting gift idea and I’m really curious as to the story if there is one.

    (hope you got through the day okay.)(and I want graham crackers)

  12. I have the same “Slipping Through My Fingers” problem – and now my 10 yr. old daughter also insists on skipping it on the Mama Mia CD and fast forwards through it in the movie. Her hormones are kicking in, too!

  13. those shirts reminded me of some jerk I heard on Diane Rehm today who estimated that the average cost of a private college education in 2025 was going to be something like $600,000.

    that’s like four ferraris.

  14. I love the shirts! I bet your girls continue to be superstars throughout their school careers and lives! They are both so creative and adorable!

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