Baboons are intelligent and crafty. And so am I!

It appears that a baboon could possibly be on the loose in a nearby town, so I thought I would check in with you to let you know that although my garage door is closed, I’m secretly hoping for a baboon visit. Believe it or not, I have a banana in my purse. (I went to my mom’s colonoscopy this morning, and I didn’t have time to eat breakfast before I left the house. I bought a perfect bunch of bananas yesterday, so there you have it. Breakfast! By the time I got to the hospital the procedure was over (Damnit!), so I packed up my banana and joined my mom and dad for breakfast at a nearby restaurant. (I had an English muffin with blackberry jam! And a chai to go!)) Anyway, Baboon? It’s lunch time, and I Have a Safe Place for You.

The girls are currently attending their fourth day of school. I could sing songs about the first three days, but are you really interested in that? Here’s a ten second preview: Meredith was Monday’s Music MVP, and Harper has made a new friend named Keeley, who tends to purchase her lunch in the cafeteria instead of bringing it from home.

While the girls are away at school, it seems that I’ve been filling my time in the following ways:
1. Freelance. There have been a few bumps in the road, but it looks like Freelance and I are going to get along just fine.

2. I made a curried vegetable thing in the CrockPot. It wasn’t very good, but it felt healthy and smart. Carrots! Potatoes! Tomatoes! Chickpeas!

3. I mopped the bathroom floor, did several loads of laundry, and tried to draw myself eating a gyro.

4. I’m once again knitting on my Linden, and I’ve set the goal of wearing it this winter.

5. I noticed that many of my Facebook friends have wildly different views than me, and I’d like to see the world for once all standing hand in hand and hear them echo through the hills for peace throughout the land.

6. I bought the latest Sarah McLachlan CD, and this morning as I drank my chai while driving with the windows down (the threat of Wild Baboon had not yet been announced), Loving You is Easy came on and suddenly I had the perfect three minutes.
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13 thoughts on “Baboons are intelligent and crafty. And so am I!”

  1. I have always admired your creativity and your writing is something I look forward to reading. In lieu of a baboon at the garage door, tempted by your purse banana, how about a fellow writer appreciating your blog?

  2. I heard about the baboon on my drive home! Has he made it your way yet? We have no bananas but I could probably spare a frozen taco dinner, maybe.

    Today was the 2nd day of school. Yesterday, on the first day, my 8 year old’s log book had a teacher note that said “Jadyn didn’t use her listening eyes when I was speaking today.” WTF??

  3. I was suprisingly disappointed to hear that the baboon was a hoax. I think there’s probably a lot of us that were rooting for that thing like some sort of romanticized Jesse James.

    Primates as folk heros…time for a change in season.

    I made blackberry jam yesterday. Today I’m making peach. Knit me a jar cozy and I’ll share.

  4. When I think of Missouri, I think of renegade baboons. Nice to hear that it’s now justified.

    Watching that video? When she turns around in the beginning and then suddenly she’s playing a piano? GHOST PIANO! IT BLEW MY MIND!

  5. I am so glad school’s going well for the girls and for you, too. You are awesome and I hope the freelance thing goes well! :)

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