It’s a smart look. Leaf me alone.

I am at my most uncomfortable when there’s a camera in the room.

Just because a tiny black box with the word Nikon (or Canon or Polaroid or whatever) is around, I smirk, I tilt my head in strange ways, I suddenly look 15 years older, my face develops tics, I begin to cry on the inside, etc. (Seriously—if you think I’m an awkward hugger, you should experience my awkwardness in front of a camera. If anyone tries to take a photo of me hugging someone, I’ll most likely explode.)

A few days ago I finished a cardigan that I’ve been working on (not consistently, mind you) for two years. To take it from Work in Progress to Finished Object was HUGE, and I decided to document my victory on Ravelry.

Jeff followed me (with camera in hand) to the back yard, where I instantly smiled all crazy and proceeded to do my infamous camera freak-out.

I loaded his photos onto the computer, sighed and shook my head at the results, and quickly came up with a solution.

Until I learn how to smile for a photo, I’ll simply have to live my life as a treeface.

Linden B. Johnson. Headless.

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17 thoughts on “It’s a smart look. Leaf me alone.”

  1. You take great pictures compared to me. I am not at all photogenic and I tend not to know how to look or smile for pictures. I either look pissed off, crazy or I dunno… I just know that I hate to get my picture taken. You are not alone!

    On the other hand, that sweater is gorgeous. I love everything about it. I can’t wait to see what tree face looks like when the colors start to change.

  2. Is that some sort of sweater pin??? I mean, the cardigan’s nice and all, (and I totally love the hairdo) but a sweater pin??? I believe my daughter in law might really need one of those for Christmas. Where would I find such a thing??

  3. This picture is disturbing AND awesome. Proceed as planned!
    (And I’m an awkward hugger also. Hugger? I hardly know her!)

  4. Wow. That’s gorgeous.
    Every thought of selling your stuff on commission?

    And I’m with Carroll – the pin rocks!

  5. That is gorgeous! You should sell stuff, you know, during your free time. Ha ha ha hahahahahahhahahha

  6. The cardigan is gorgeous!

    I love your solution for photos. I always end up just cropping my head or most of my head off in pics because I always look like i’m about to cry or can’t look into the camera.

  7. Beautiful sweater. How much is your life worth to you to make another?

    And mad photoshop skills, too….I’m impressed, beleaf me.

    (I’m terrible with puns, too…)

  8. Really gorgeous sweater. I’m also not a hugger and I’m definitely not photogenic – unless I’m half lit then I’m kind of both.

  9. Cheers all around for finishing a project and double cheers for finishing a TOTALLY GORGEOUS one. :)

  10. Gorgeous sweater! It actually looks more impressive than on the Twist’s own pattern page.
    And the green of your tree-face is a perfect compliment to the colour.

  11. Love that photo. Count me among the camera-phobic too – I don’t think a photo of me exists where I don’t look googly beyond belief. Funny because I *love* taking photos (my camera odometer just rolled past 9999 for about the 4th time); I just hate being IN them.

    The sweater is gorgeous!

  12. I’m the opposite…while I also hate having my picture taken, I pretty much wreck every photo I’m in on purpose, because then, well, it’s supposed to look stupid, right? Then I put them on my blog. Scary, really. Once my husband was trying to put a Christmas album together for family members and he said,”Do you know that I can’t find a single picture of you where you are not making a silly face?” Dude. We have a lot of pictures on our computer.
    I, too, think the sweater is gorgeous. And your most recent post (with the gaping fish mouth building)…brilliant.

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