Don’t mind us. We’re just perpetuating the stereotype…

On Saturday morning, we bundled up with coffee and doughnuts, sat lawn chairs on the side of the road, and enjoyed the high school’s homecoming parade.

The girls were very excited to see Pete the Pirate. (Actually, they were excited to see that Pete was throwing Tootsie Rolls. The hurling of the candy is their favorite part of the parade.)


I was surprised to see how many people showed up to represent the class who graduated from the high school during the year that I was born. (Note to my fellow WHS 1988 graduates: Don’t count on me riding a “float” and/or wearing owl headgear in 2028.)

Class of 1970

As an editor, I’m always excited to find spelling errors during parades.

This one was due to adhesive failure, and cannot be blamed on the junior class.


This one? I’m really hoping it had everything to do with the sign maker and nothing to do with the athletic department.

Acitivities. Hhhhhh.

Meredith: How do you say that word? Assitivities?

Me: Um, no. A-city-vitties.

Meredith: I like Assitivities.

Me: Hhhhh. Me too.
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10 thoughts on “Don’t mind us. We’re just perpetuating the stereotype…”

  1. We’re headed to my 20th college reunion this weekend. There will be a parade with candy. I’ll be keeping an eye out for mis-spelled floats now! Although nothing beats the sign for my Sophomore year float – I’ll have to blog about it now.

  2. I’m gonna try to channel my inner Pudding from now on and start finding the humor in those well broadcast typos. I usually find those types of things irksome…even though I am totally guilty of the typo thing myself! I can’t even read the super sappy photo story book I made for my husband a few years back. When I got it from the printer I realized my mistake: we had quite an expereince! {!!!!} Makes me crazy.

    But tootsie rolls? I dig ’em! I’m with the girls ~ best part of the parade.

  3. I’ve been known to correct spelling in library books. There are several egregious errors in the one I am reading currently. People don’t believe me that I carry a Sharpie [tm] in order to correct misspellings on signs.

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