Sidney. Bono. Yoda. Apples.

Sidney and Bono

Jeff and I were watching a documentary about U2.

Sidney began to mimic Bono’s posture.

We all laughed and laughed.

(All of this to ask: Do you have a favorite variety of apple? I just did a side by side comparison of SweeTango and Honeycrisp, and SweeTango was definitely the winner. I know at least three people who would slap me for saying such a thing, but look at me. I just said it.)
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18 thoughts on “Sidney. Bono. Yoda. Apples.”

  1. We bought a ton of apples today, and I think my favorite was the Suncrisp Golden. It tastes just as the name suggests it would.

  2. Honeycrisp is my favorite, but maybe that’s because I’ve never heard of or tasted a SweeTango. Wherever did you find them?

  3. I just made apple oatmeal bread! Used Regent and Connell Read. Don’t know how the taste or texture will be – but it sure does smell good. I just love the honeycrisp texture so much that I don’t know if anything else can compete. But I did like the SweeTango flavor……

  4. we’re fond of Galas around here, which are small, complex and slightly tart. It’s not very ‘foodie’ of me, but I dearly love Granny Smiths.

  5. Empire! With Cortlands taking a close second. Combine half empires, half cortlands and you will have the best applesauce on the planet.

  6. I prefer Pink Lady.

    Side note: The other day, the checker at the Fred Meyer, when ringing up my Pink Ladies said to me, “They have just got to stop engineering all this new fruit.” I had no idea that apples were new.

  7. love honeycrisp. at the farmer’s market in manhattan they cost a fortune. have never heard of sweetango, and will not rest until i taste one. i guess sweetango stands for sweet and tangy?

  8. I’ve never even heard of SweetTangos, but I will say that I made sangria this past weekend using Honeycrisp apples, which turned out amazing and means that I now have a committed relationship to them.

  9. SweeTangos are awesome, like a HoneyCrisp, but with extra “spice,” or something. I can’t identify the flavor, so I have to keep testing. That’s the reason no one else in the family has had the opportunity to do more than admire it.

  10. I will now be seeking the SweeTango. I just cannot imagine anything better than a HoneyCrisp. I accept the challenge.

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