Why, yes. I’d love some.

First off? I love each and every one of you for your words of wisdom and concern regarding my crazy headache drama. Without going into too much detail (Just wait a few paragraphs. You know how I am), I believe I am on the mend. So, it now appears that we have a bit of catching up to do related to things that don’t really impact your life at all. But isn’t that how it is when you find yourself sitting across the table from someone? Let’s pretend you and I are enjoying some coffee, and it’s my turn to talk. (I always let you go first, because I’m sort of a Girl Scout like that.) I’ll even put my words in quotation marks so it really seems like I’m using my larynx! Don’t we have fun?

“Yep. As much as I think I would like to hang out with Nate Berkus for a few minutes, I really don’t believe his show is going to last. It’s all over the place and he’s giving pillows away to a sad lady and then all of a sudden a little bouncy girl is featured who designs semi-hoochie clothes, and then we’re talking about dating, and married couples who put sex at the bottom of their totem pole, and some lady keeps a litter box in her bedroom, and really. So much shifting of the focus, and no vintage ribbon to tie it all together.”

“Jeff and I celebrated nine years of marriage on Wednesday by taking Harper to karate, picking Meredith up from scouts, and taking both kids to church choir. We shut the night down with French silk pie, which really isn’t a bad way to shut things down. Jeff presented me with nine roses. I presented him with The Instructions. This evening may find us indulging in a bit of sushification.”

“I just finished my part of a smooth sailing freelance project, and I’m now taking time off while I adjust to my new migraine prevention pills. I’m feeling a few hours of relief each day from the headache, but I’m replacing the pain with a constant haze that, according to my doctor, should last no longer than six weeks. I’m high. When I reach for something, my hand arrives a split second after I think it should. Yesterday, after my neighbor and I discovered that we were both craving Indian food, I found myself filling my plate at Gokul’s buffet. When my plate was full, I went and sat down at a different table from where we had been seated just a few minutes before. Excuse me while I kiss the sky, Guster.”

“Last night we went to the middle school for a family game night, and for the first time ever, Harper kicked my butt at checkers. (This may or may not have anything to do with the anti-seizure meds. Whee!) After each move, she took breaks to work on the book she’s writing about brownies. I would document all of this in her baby book, but why start now?”

“An older bow-tied gentleman at church once noticed that I tend to put the sugar in the cup before pouring in the coffee. He nodded his head and said, ‘Ah! You’re a Pre-Sugarian!’ That will stick with me for the rest of my life.”

“You look so pretty slash handsome today. Please pass the Doritos.”
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15 thoughts on “Why, yes. I’d love some.”

  1. I feel ya sister. I imagine that we are long lost co-joined twins abandoned at birth, medically seperated and then adopted by different families. As if my life isn’t complicated enough…

  2. Pre-Sugarians rock! It negates the need for a stirrer of any sort.

    And thanks for talking first. I was able to enjoy my entire mini donut (pink with sprinkles, assuming we’re at Starbucks) and then pick up the dropped sprinkles with a wet finger, all while nodding sagely.

  3. I’m high, too, and I’m not even taking anything. Maybe I’m high from lack of sleep. Can that happen? This morning when I took the dog out (at 5:30 a.m., which might be part of the problem), instead of grabbing the flashlight off the windowsill by the door, I grabbed the flyswatter. It did not come in handy while we were outside in the dark, and the dog was confused as hell.

  4. “I’m so glad you’re feeling better. The highness has to be kind of nice for Harper, what with the brownie book and all. In-house recipe testers are the best.”

  5. Glad you found something that kicks the headache. I’m a bit high because of the meds I’m not taking. Quitting an SSRI is fun! Whee!

    In other news, I am also a Pre-Sugarian!

  6. Glad to hear you’re on the mend!
    I also put the sugar in the cup first. I never thought about it until you mentioned it.

    trotting off to be pensive…

  7. I really hope your meds work. As I type this my head is splitting! Happy Anniversary! Do something fun and fancy this weekend to celebrate!

  8. This post makes me miss drinking (I am 3 months pregnant). I love the random thought processes that accompany it.

    I am also a staunch pre-sugarian…no need to stir thus preventing finding a spoon or wooden stir stick which my friend from Germany swears makes her coffee taste like wood. I should make her a t-shirt that says “Pre-Sugarian Against Wood-Flavored Coffee”. I wonder how that would go over in Bavaria? Or anywhere for that matter.

  9. Glad you are finding some relief – as the survivior of a 309 day migraine – my drug of choice is relpax and the one they put me on to help that the migraines dont return is topomax – the good side effect of that drug is weight loss – whoopee – but also – if migraines are on your mom’s side of the family – my dr told me to tak 400 mg of riboflavin a day to reduce the severity of the headaches and the number of headaches – a new study came out that showed a problem with women processing riboflavin and migraines – I have noticed a difference – and it is water soluable – so what you don’t use you pee out – so at least it is one less drug I am putting in my system AND I am eating more non processed food and unfortunately drinking less wine and trying to drink less coffee –

    Thanks for talking first – I too am a pre sugarian – prehaps there is an underground society!?

  10. It’s this ascot I’m wearing that made you add “handsome”, isn’t it??

    I was trying to be edgy but I think it’s too masculine.

    That’s it. The ascot is OUT.

    Also, sorry but I ate all the Doritos. {blush}

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