You’ve always been my favorite, Plochman’s Mustard.

So, a few years back I kicked off NaBloPoMo with a video representing a day in the life of me.

This morning I decided to try it again. (Funny how two years have passed, yet I’m still (pretty much) the same, Bob Seger.)

(In case you’re not a fan of nonsensical silent movies (ah, but it’s not silent with Sondre Lerche playing in the background, is it?!), here is my commentary: I ate some bean soup, I got my first Scout’s Swag yarn club shipment in the mail, I decided to determine if a new smile is needed to go with my new glasses, I knitted part of an owl cozy, I ate one of my final Mihow Pepper Pops, I read a book written by a local favorite, and I enjoyed a mid-afternoon condiment. AND, the day is still young. World? Oyster.) ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

17 thoughts on “You’ve always been my favorite, Plochman’s Mustard.”

  1. Hi. I’ve actually been reading your blog since right around your first Day in the Life video, so figured it was high time I told you how much I enjoy your posts. This newest video really and truly made me laugh out loud. No, really! Not that fake “LOL” thing people do (and don’t the ones who put LOL after their OWN stuff drive you bonkers?), but actual laughter followed by copious amounts of coughing. But hey, some people are worth expectoration, and YOU, Ms. Pudding, are currently Number One on my, uh… Sputum List? Hmm. That didn’t come out sounding as complimentary as I’d hoped.

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