No one’s gloomy or complaining while the flatware’s entertaining!

Breakfast with Belle

We’re back. The trip was amazing and fast and as you can see, we met a beautiful princess.

Actually, we met a bunch of princesses. We had breakfast with them!

Oh, Ariel.

Me: Ask Ariel if she misses her dad.

Harper: Why?

Me: Because she decided that she would rather have legs and a boy than a family who loved her. Also, poor Flounder.

My mom: Shut up.

I’ll be editing and placing photos into this set during the next few days. Keep checking back if you want. (And, yes. I went a leetle cuhrazy when it came to shooting photos of Cinderella’s castle. I really have no idea what I was doing. It changes colors! So sparkly! ClickClickClickClickClick!!!)

One more thing: Although I’m not one of them, I totally understand the fully grown women who go to Disney World wearing red and white polka dotted shirts and Minnie Mouse ears. If you’re going to be a character you may as well go balls out, and When in Rome, right? But here’s the thing. Although I will not laugh at you if you’re 40 years old, not employed by Walt Disney World, and you’re all dressed up to look like a mouse, I probably won’t be able to control my Eyebrows of Judgment if you’re also screaming at your child who’s acting a bit nuts after eating the Dumbo-sized funnel cake that you just purchased for him. Lady. You’re dressed up like a mouse. You just fed your kid a gigantic cake covered in sugar. He’s now out of control, and all of a sudden you’re Joan Crawford with a weird fake tail. (I really wanted to take that little boy home with me, feed him some vegetables, and give him a night full of sanity. Isn’t it sad that option isn’t available?)

Main Street bedecked for the holidays!

This is the scene that I want to create in my own backyard. (Minus the millions of people, Plus! More! Castle!)
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11 thoughts on “No one’s gloomy or complaining while the flatware’s entertaining!”

  1. Isn’t the castle at night the most spectacular thing you’ve seen in your entire life??? And the fireworks. God, I want to go back. (Except for the people. And the strollers. Let’s start a petition for a stroller-free day, yes?)

  2. Okay now I am so annoyed that I never sent you Eldest’s spare crutches to borrow to see if the princesses would have stuck around. Because I once went to see a whole comedy show which documented times when the dressed-up characters actually properly ran away from disabled children with cameras because they didn’t fit the Disney ethos.

  3. Almost choked from laughing about the Joan Crawford/Minnie Mouse lady.

    And now I want a funnel cake.

  4. Glad you are back and had such a memorable time! BTW, the castle is paterned after mad King Ludwigs Nueschwanstein Castle in Bavaria. did ya know that?

  5. Sweet Jesus, you just summed up exactly why I never want to go there but feel guilty for depriving my girls a chance to see Cinderella’s Castle!

  6. We live about 20 minutes from Disneyland. We know lots of people with passes. We do not have them because they are A/ expensive and B/ exhausting. We all got to go for free on our birthdays last year though. The yelling parents drive me crazy. You wouldn’t believe the number of them that make their kids stop playing in ToonTown so they can take photos.

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