I’m thankful for Ira Glass and Regina Spektor.

So, missing yesterday really wasn’t that bad, was it? It occurred to me this morning that I want to leave something truly delightful on the top of my page since I’ll be away for the next few days. The following video, although made over three and a half years ago, includes Ira Glass discussing vegetarianism and Regina Spektor. (Ira doesn’t discuss Regina. Regina is actually there—at the 5:30 mark! Sometimes sentences can be misleading!)

Anyway, I hope you have a great holiday, if you’re in a place that’s celebrating a holiday. If not, enjoy your day. Carry on.
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8 thoughts on “I’m thankful for Ira Glass and Regina Spektor.”

  1. Ira Glass is dreamy. I love his crazy whiny nasal voice and dramatic pauses. There are the rock star fans, the gorgeous actor fans, but I am an Ira woman. Since I first heard This American Life, lo those many years ago. One person (who can not be your husband, hi honey!) on a desert island to be stranded with? Ira. Hands down.

    Have a good trip!!!

  2. I once returned a coffee table so I could buy the expensive schmooze with Ira Glass before the show tickets at the State theater in Ann Arbor. Sadly, I became tongue tied when I got within a few feet of him and retreated to a dark corner of the lobby.

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