I haven’t used the word Desultory in a long time.

A few days ago, my friend and neighbor came over with this.

Diva of Delicious Candy

(Actually, the jar was full when she gave it to me.) Anyway, she told me that she had seen my post about Mihow’s amazing schizophrenic lollipops, and she was inspired to make some of her own hard candy. Using herbs from her garden, she put together lemon-ginger, pepper-clove, and lemon balm-rosemary candy. Absolutely amazing. I stirred one of the lemon-gingers into my hot tea last night. (Sometimes I have really good ideas.) Oh! Because I need to share all of my good ideas: Last week I was sitting at the computer when it occurred to me that a grilled cheese and horseradish sandwich sounded very good, so I made one, and it was. Feel free to take that bit of information and put it into your pretend knapsack as you continue onward through your Saturday journey. (It seems that everyone is talking about their journey lately. I hate that my eyes are starting to roll a bit at Journey. Nothing to hide, believe what I say, Steve Perry.)

One more thing. You guys know that I’m trying to do the whole National Blog Posting Month thing. I think I did it last year. Maybe I did it the year before. I really have no memory. But here. I just put my fork down and made eye contact with you. If we were in a movie you would know that I’m about to say something serious. After today, I’m giving up on my NaBloPoMo JOURNEY. (I added all-caps for emphasis. Eat. Pray. Love.) Disney World is coming up in three days, and I need to make lists and pack. Also, I don’t have a laptop. When we get to Florida, I like to think that the last thing on my mind is going to be updating Fluid Pudding. I did consider writing five posts and scheduling them to go up while we’re gone, but come on. If I did that, who have I become?!

SO, look at us. We made it last for 20 days! AND, it just might stretch out to 22 because of habitual behaviors coupled with the fact that Tempe and I split an 8-pack of lip gloss last night, and if my colors stir me to sing, the internet won’t be able to stop me. By the way, have I thanked you for stopping by lately? I adored all of your answers to my previous post. Elf on the Shelf! Seriously! We could honestly change the world with all of our schemes. (I would like to nominate Grilled Cheese Horseradish Sandwich for my World Changing submission. I would like to nominate Christy for the lemon balm-rosemary candy! Feel free to add your own nomination. You know, if it doesn’t screw up your journey.)
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7 thoughts on “I haven’t used the word Desultory in a long time.”

  1. OK, first: I thought I was the only person on the planet without a laptop. I shake my tiny fist in solidarity with you.

    Second: Your trip to Disney reminded me of this text message, which made me “ba-HAH” loudly in the wee, quiet hours of the morning.

  2. I have a huge thing for horseradish! My favorite way to have a grilled cheese? Mustard for dipping sauce.

    You are still more than okay in my books… it was a fun 20 days and I will always remember them!!

    Be safe and have huge amounts of fun in Disney!!

  3. But I have bloody loved your daily posts. Seriously. I come to you when I am tired of reading bleh blog writers and I remind myself each time that something wonderful is possible.

    You have yourself a lovely time whilst knowing you are a lollipop-eating inspiration.

  4. My son today asked if there were “cinnamon toast cookies.” He was a late chewer (uh…I stopped making purees when he turned two. No specialist could ever find anything wrong with him, and in the end it was determined that he was just a stinker). So, he’s NEVER asked me about any sort of food, ever, and I gave him cinnamon toast last weekend, thinking that he’d turn up his nose and I’d have to eat it.

    But “cinnamon toast cookies”??? I’m sure he means snickerdoodles. But if not, and there’s someone out there who’s had this as a great idea, please do tell. Otherwise, that’s Milo’s Great Idea.

    (The snickerdoodles just came out of the oven.)

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