Warning: I’m about to Mommyblog it out over here!

A few months back, it was brought to our attention that the school district’s literary magazine was accepting submissions, and that this year’s theme was Discovery. I talked to Harper, and she decided that she would love to write a poem. Because her class had recently written a few sensory poems, that style was fresh in her head.

Harper: Discovery smells like pizza.

Me: What kind of pizza?

Harper: Sausage pizza!

Me: Yes! I like that it’s sausage. Where do you get Discovery Sausage Pizza?

Harper: Disney World!

Me: Is there anything else you want to add about the pizza so everyone can picture it in their head?

Harper: It’s JUICY!

We continued back and forth until the poem was written and submitted. I’m pleased to report that Harper’s Discovery Poem was selected for inclusion in the magazine, and she was able to read it at last night’s reception.

As she was getting ready for bed, I asked her how it feels to be a published writer at age five. She answered, “Well, I’m not so sure I want to be famous, but I like that we went to Dairy Queen to celebrate.”
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12 thoughts on “Warning: I’m about to Mommyblog it out over here!”

  1. Fabulous! Hey, if I ever get published again (I, too, was a published child writer – age 9 for a Christmas poem) I’d still like to go to Dairy Queen to celebrate. Rock on, Harper! :)

  2. Accompanying my submission to science journals of every manuscript I write for the rest of my life will be the sound of my inner monologue humbling me with Harper’s take on being published.

  3. That was awesome Harper! My favorite part was the brown cat, and the trees, and well Ok, maybe all of it was my favorite part. Well done!

  4. “Discovery sounds like trees shaking at night to say hello to each other.” That may just be the best line of poetry ever written! Seriously, that kid is channeling Walt Whitman! Brilliant–the imagery in that single line from her poem–I will hence forth see shaking trees in a whole new light. Her poem has changed my life. I am not kidding. (Exagerating a little, perhaps, but sincere I am.)

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